Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Georgia Goes Soft On Jews, But They're Still Crying

Atlanta, GA
Earlier this month the Anti Defamation League, a jewish terrorist group which supports worldwide zionist domination, issued a press release stating that anti-semitic incidents in Georgia during 2006 were below the national average.

The report says anti-semitic incidents were down 12 percent nationally from 2005 and cites 21 incidents, out of a nation wide total of 1554 incidents, claimed to have taken place in Georgia. These incidents consisted of 12 instances of harassment and 9 instances of vandalism allegedly perpetrated against Georgia jews by non-jews. This is contrary to recent claims by the group stating that anti-semitic attacks were up drastically worldwide.

"The fact that only 21 reports of anti-semitic incidents were reported in Georgia last year is encouraging," said the zionist terrorist group's Southeast Regional Director Bill Nigut. "But even that number is too many when you understand that each act reflects the perpetrator's overt hostility toward jews."

Ironically, the ADL was founded in the early 1900s by New York jews, for the specific purpose of defending and advancing deviant jewish interests, after Leo Frank murdered a young White girl in 1913 at the Atlanta Pencil Factory. Frank, a northern jew and president of the Atlanta B'nai B'rith, raped and murdered 13 year old Mary Phagan, who worked at the factory where Frank was a manager. Frank, with the other jews from B'nai B'rith backing him up, first tried placing blame for the atrocious crime on an anonymous negro. At Frank's trial, the factory's negro janitor, Jim Conley testified that Frank had murdered the girl and instructed him to hide the body with a note blaming a "light skinned negro".

Frank was convicted of murdering Mary Phagan and sentenced to death by hanging. Several appeals were filed and denied, however B'nai B'rith and their newly formed, child raping murderer Leo Frank inspired ADL began a relentless campaign to pressure the Governor of Georgia to commute the sentence. In 1915, when the Governor gave in to the pressure being applied to his administration by the jews and commuted Frank's sentence to life in prison, a group of Georgians decided to serve Frank up a dose of southern street justice. Within days, they seized the murderous jew from the Georgia Work Farm Prison in Milledgeville, brought him to Marietta and hung him in an oak tree on Frey Gin Road.

This was the beginning of a reign of anti-White hatred, jewish supremacism and zionist terrorism unleashed on the world by the jews of B'nai B'rith and the ADL which has lasted for more than 90 years. To this day, zionist worldwide proclaim Frank's innocence. Unfortunately for them, the testimony is on record. The facts are that the jew Leo Frank demanded sex from a 13 year old White girl who was under his supervision. When she refused he raped and murdered her then blamed it on a negro. The ADL was founded to defend and promote this type of jewish behavior and has continued to do so for nearly a century. Pedophilia, rape and murder. This is part of what the ADL stands for, it's the reason it was created.

For more about the jew Leo Frank and his vicious rape and murder of Mary Phagan, see the interview with a relative of Mary Phagan at the link below.

Interview With Mary Keen

For more information on jews in general see the link below.



Anonymous said...

How many times was "Deliverance" shown in Georgia last year?

If you say one word to a jew, it is recorded as an anti-semitic incident.

If the jew produces a major motion picture mocking your entire race as evil inbred hicks, it's... played over and over again on cable tv for all eternity.

Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

Amazing....... The ADL sucks

Today's American Hypocrites said...

I'm just happy the truth about the Knoxville carjacking is coming to light.

Channon's plot to have the brothers (Lemaricus and Letalvis) kill her boyfriend (Christopher) and to then sexually torture her to death was sick. She was a sick, sick sadist.


Signal said...

today's american hypocrites,

Your comment is damned near ridiculous. It makes no sense at all. Your profile says you are a journalist and an editor. I've looked at your site at your link and your blog. You are obviously quite illiterate.

As to your attempted comment about the Christian/Newsom case, I think you're full of shit. State your proof or GTFO.