Friday, February 27, 2009

Police Evacuate Local Electronics Store After Shoplifter Claims To Have A Gun

Smyrna, GA
At least three stores in the Promenade shopping center were evacuated Thursday night after Smyrna police responded to a report of a shoplifter with a weapon at the Best Buy store on Cobb Parkway.

Otis Hutcherson, a 51 year old negro from Atlanta attempted to shoplift eight DVDs from the electronics retailer and claimed to have a gun to have a gun when confronted by store staff.

Police evacuated the store and two adjoining businesses after Hutherson went into the Best Buy office and fled into the ceiling of the building. “It would’ve been unsafe for an officer to just pop his head up through one of the panels not knowing whether the suspect had a gun,” said Michael Smith, spokesman for the Smyrna Police Department.

After a 90 minute stand off, Hutcherson came down from the ceiling and was taken into custody. Police later determined that the suspect was not armed. Huctherson was arrested on charges of shoplifing and may face other charges.

Hispanic Teen Arrested In Cobb County Hiking Trail Attack

Powder Springs, GA
Police in Powder Springs have arrested a 19 year old hispanic man in connection with a violent attack and another attempted robbery that occurred on a local hiking trail in the Cobb County town earlier this week.

Carlos Bracamonte was arrested on Thursday night and charged in connection with the assaults which took place along the Silver Comet Trail.

On Monday a Cobb County man reported that he was approached on the trail by a hispanic and four black men who demanded money, patted him down and released him after finding that he was carrying no cash.

As the man fled the area he came across another man, bloodied and beaten lying along the trail. Police reports indicate that the man was also attacked by the same perpetrators. He was treated for severe injuries at a local hospital and later released.

Then on Wednesday, the man who was beaten was again approached by four men dressed in black and wearing masks near Forest Hill Road. He was warned not to speak of the attack, one of the masked men telling him “We seen you on TV. Don’t be running that mouth", as they attacked him for a second time punching and kicking him.

Bracamonte's bail was set at $5,000 and he is being held in the Cobb County jail. Police are still searching for the four black men and say they may have been driving a white Chevrolet Caprice Classic with a drive-out tag during the attacks.

DeKalb County Police Chief Terrell Bolton Fired

Decatur, GA
In a bold move towards a better community in DeKalb, the county's new CEO Burrell Ellis has fired DeKalb police chief Terrell Bolton. The announcement came on Tuesday, following much controversy surrounding Bolton's conduct as police chief.

A pre-termination notice sent to Bolton last week gave him a deadline of 10:00 a.m. Monday to respond to the charges and explain why he shouldn't be fired. Bolton did send a letter to Ellis on Monday morning, stating numerous reason he should be allowed to remain in his position, however Ellis apparently was not swayed.

Among Bolton's major claims is that he can't be fired because he is on medical leave. Bill McKenney, Bolton's lawyer claims the firing may violate federal law. McKenney says the leave falls under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and cautioned Ellis not to take any action while the chief is on leave.

Bolton is accused of various discrepancies, crimes and misconduct including allegations that he has taken over 5 months of "comp" time during his two years on the job despite police department policies against "comp" time for executives and that he personal kept luxury vehicles seized in drug raids.

This could be a step in the right direction for Ellis in cleaning up the government of DeKalb County. Former CEO Vernon Jones left quite a mess in the county, including a judicial system full of unscrupulous ashkenazis who rob citizens under color of law on a daily basis, amounting to basically nothing more than an organized crime ring similar to the former judicial system of Cook County, Illinois.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Peanut Corporation Of America Files For Bankruptcy Amid Salmonella Outbreak

Blakley, GA
The Virginia based food processing company, Peanut Corporation of America has filed for bankruptcy protection after 5 deaths have been linked to tainted peanut butter manufactured in a Blakey, Georgia peanut processing plant.

The Center for Disease Control reports that 453 people in 43 states have been infected with salmonella after eating products containing peanut from the plant. One case of infection is also reported in Canada. "Of these, 22 percent are hospitalized and five deaths have been reported that may be associated," the CDC's Dr. Robert Tauxe said.

PCA president Stewart Parnell, of Virginia, issued a statement on Friday saying, "Today, the FDA informed PCA that new product samples in unopened containers tested positive for Salmonella."

The Kellogg Company has recalled numerous products including some Keebler brand snacks manufactured with peanut butter paste from the tainted factory. The company also faces several lawsuits from those who became sick after eating the products.

In recent years another peanut plant in south Georgia was linked to a nation wide salmonella outbreak. It is believed that the problems are caused by unsanitary conditions within the plants, possibly due to the high number of illegal immigrants employed by many food processors in the state.