Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Comment Moderation Temporarily Enabled

Due to problems concerning comments on one of our articles from last year, we have temporarily enabled comment moderation for Vanquishing Georgia.

These problems have arisen from an article involving the rape of a woman by an Atlanta policeman. We have been contacted several times by the victim who complains that the suspect has persistently disclosed her name and personal information in the comment section for the article in question. We have removed numerous comments containing this woman's name as they were brought to our attention.

The article in question is located here.

We sincerely apologize to our regular readers for the inconvenience of comment moderation and assure you that all legitimate comments will be approved in a prompt and timely manner.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Negro Pedophile SWAT Standoff In West End Atlanta

Atlanta, Ga.
When police attempted to serve a child molestation warrant at an apartment complex on Hollywood Road, in west Atlanta, around 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning, they found their 25 year old suspect, Lewis Abram barricaded in a bedroom closest with an assault rife.

A ten hour standoff and shootout in which 30 - 40 shots were fired ensued. The standoff ended about 7:45 p.m., after SWAT officers led Abram out of the house. There were apparently no injuries during the shootout. Makes you wonder about law enforcement weapons training.

Abram had been accused of enticing children between the ages of 5 and 9 into is apartment and molesting them.


An Atlanta man was arrested Tuesday night after trading bullets and 14-plus hours of negotiations with Fulton County police.

Lewis Abram, 25, barricaded himself against authorities trying to serve an arrest warrant, and the standoff was punctuated by an afternoon shoot-out between the man and the Sheriff Department's SWAT team. More than 30 shots were reportedly fired, but no one was injured.

"He was firing a high-powered assault rifle," said Fulton County Marshal Antonio Johnson of Abram. "Shots went through the wall."

The standoff began at 9 a.m. and it was 7:45 p.m. before Abram gave in to police negotiators and was arrested.

The incident began when three deputy marshals went to Abram's apartment on Hollywood Road in The Park at Scotts Crossing apartment complex to serve a warrant against him on a charge of child molestation, Johnson said.

Someone let officers inside Abram's apartment, but the trio retreated and called for backup when they discovered Abram holed up in his bedroom with an automatic weapon, Johnson said.

A woman then fled the apartment.

Controlled media story continued here.

Get Yourself Deprogrammed

Join longtime pro-White activist and World Church of the Creator member, Craig Cobb at as he broadcasts live streaming video from Tallinn, Estonia, nightly at 10 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday.

Last year Cobb and the team at Podblanc launched their ground breaking pro-White video hosting website in answer to massive discrimination against pro-White material and posters at the popular Youtube website, whose staff frequently delete material which does not meet Youtube's strict zionist policies. The project has been an overwhelming success attracting video contributors from all around the globe.

In yet another unprecedented move, the Podblanc team has recently launched the nightly live video broadcasts of Deprogram, the first show of it's kind, which is hosted by Cobb. The broadcasts offers viewers an alternative to zionist controlled media outlets which dominate television, satellite and cable networks.

During each Deprogram broadcast Cobb discusses and gives unique insights to news and current events effecting the White community and culture. Many of the subjects are drawn from recent videos posted by the site's rapidly growing list of contributors. The show also offers a live chat room, open to registered Podblanc users, allowing viewers to chat with each other and interact with Cobb during the live broadcasts.

The show airs nightly at the following times and can be accessed at the link below. Get yourself Deprogrammed.

Show times:

U.S. Edition: Monday - Friday: 10pm Philadelphia (and Atlanta), 9pm Austin, 7pm Seattle, 5am Tallinn, 6am Moscow, 4am Rome, 3am London, 2pm Sydney.

European Edition: Monday - Friday: 10pm St. Petersburg, 9pm Sofia, 8pm Vienna, 7pm Glasgow, 2pm Pittsburgh (and Atlanta), 1pm Omaha, 11am Portland, 5am Brisbane.

False Flag Attack On Obama Graffiti In Little Five Points

Atlanta, Ga.
Someone perpetrated an obvious false flag attack on a graffiti mural depicting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama in Atlanta's Little Five Points community, just days after the mural was completed.

Local merchants and their employees cried out disingenuous, anguished calls of "racism" after it was discovered that someone had painted "X's" over the eyes and a malformed, misshapen "swastika" on Obama's forehead in the mural in a transparent attempt to make it appear that the vandalism was done by "racists".

A mural of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was defaced in Little Five Points on Monday.

Phil Sims, the manager of a Little Five Points music store, said he was sickened because of all the racial vulgarities on the mural. Sims said the area had a mural of Martin Luther King for years that was never defaced.

"The eyes were blacked out and there was a swastika on his forehead," said artist Cameron Wilthshire. Wilthshire and another artist created the mural.Business owners in the area said they were disgusted by the defacing.
Controlled media story continued here.

Floyd County Police Search For Murderer

Rome, Ga.
Police in Rome Georgia are searching for 34 year old Theron Ramon Plummer, who murdered his 39 year old wife in front of the couple's two children over the Memorial Day weekend.

Reports say Plummer had returned from taking the children to breakfast on Sunday morning, when he argued with Kimberly Ware Plummer and then gunned her down as their two children, a 5 year old daughter and a 16 year old son looked on.

Plummer, who is considered armed and dangerous, was last seen driving a silver 1993 Cadillac Deville with Georgia license plate number ACA 1683. He is believed to still be in the Floyd County area. Police ask anyone with information regarding Plummer or his whereabouts to call 911 or Floyd County police at 706-235-7766.

Controlled media story here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Choices They Give Us

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Political cartoon by jOsh in Kentucky

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scumbag "Social Worker" Jailed In Second Hospital Theft

Atlanta, Ga.
Grady Memorial Hospital social worker, Tacuma Jawara has been arrested for the second time in less than a week in relation to stealing jewelry from patients at the medical facility.

Jawara turned himself in last week after police determined he had removed wedding rings valued at approximately $5,000 from the finger of Katherine Armstrong, a White woman who had died at the hospital after being involved in an automobile accident last month. Those rings were found in a local pawn shop.

The second victim was Ron Goyette who arrived at Grady Memorial following an auto accident on April 21 and was not expected to live. Goyette however made it out of the hospital but his wedding ring and a necklace valued at $600 did not. Police later found his jewelry in a pawn shop, having been pawned by Jawara. In an interview with local news stations Jawara's nephew stated he had taken Jawara to pawn the late Mrs. Armstrong's rings and that Jawara often pawned jewelry.