Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will the Real Threat to America Please Stand Up

The "Muslim Mafia" vs. The Kosher Nostra

By Mark Glenn

…Then a new king came to power in Egypt…“Look,” he said to his people, “the Israelites have become far too numerous for us. Come, we must deal shrewdly with them, for if war breaks out they will join with our enemies, fight against us and then leave the country.”

–Book of Exodus

“Understand this–that Terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with…it can’t be reasoned with…It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop, EVER, until you are dead…”

–“Reese” speaking to “Sarah Conner” in “The Terminator”

Gosh, more espionage against America by dangerous, fanatical Middle Easterners driven by a backwards, violent, intolerant ideology advocating a global, theocratic dictatorship. Something’s GOT to be done about this before it gets out of hand…

No, it’s not what you think. It’s not connected in the least with the recent “Muslim Mafia” (cue the theme from “The Godfather”) thing described in the recently-released book of the same title written by one David Gaubatz (gee, I wonder where he spends his Saturday evenings with a name like that?). Nor does this recent espionage involve Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, CAIR, or any of the other “Islamo-Fascist” groups Gaubatz alleges are part of this giant, insidious spy ring trying to penetrate congressional offices with interns in order to “Islamize“ the land of the free and home of the brave.

This time (yet again) it’s that “other” group of Middle Easterners so much in the news these days for all the mayhem they are causing, meaning the Jews…And not something as “small potatoes” as penetrating Congressional offices (something they accomplished decades ago already) with interns trained in the ‘by way of deception thou shalt do war” business so much a part of Jewish spycraft.

Rather, it is the “real deal”–meaning the kind of life-and-death espionage that poses an existential threat to every man, woman and child in America and involving the highest stakes possible, meaning (a) the theft and transfer of nuclear weapons technology and design (b) the means of delivering these weapons and (c) the ability of the United States to protect itself against nuclear attack from other powers.

One would think in the aftermath of all the stink recently conjured up by Israel’s various whores in the US media concerning the thesis put forth in “Muslim Mafia“ (cue Godfather music again) that news involving one of America’s top scientists with the highest possible security clearances being caught red-handed offering to sell this kind of highly-classified technology to ANY country in the world (much less a country in the Middle East) would raise a few eyebrows.

And certainly this WOULD have been the case had he offered to do so for any nation used as a hideout for the Muslim Mafia (Godfather music). Moreso, you could expect that the very people who worked themselves (and others) into a panic-stricken froth over the existence of this aforementioned “Muslim Mafia” (“Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do, dee-dee dum…”)–meaning wannabe-war-criminals such as Joseph “Judas” Farah, Daniel “Rosenberg” Pipes et al might take an interest in such developments, being the patriotic, red-blooded American types they portray themselves being.

Alas however, not so much as an impromptu burp of discussion from the PR firm of “Israel, Israel & Israel“ and for easily discernable reasons–the spy/traitor in question was involved in the “right” kind of espionage– meaning for the Jewish state–and was the “right“ kind of spy–meaning Jewish.

Israel spying on America? Clearly this is not possible, as we have been told on occasions too numerous to count time and again from all the usual muckety-mucks who maintain (with the same kind of dogmatic insistence as Bernie Madoff did concerning his investment firm’s legitimacy) that the Jewish state “does not spy on the US”. And of course (being the very fruit of God’s loins) this means they would never lie, despite the fact it is the motto of the very agency for which they work–Mossad–that “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

Of course, in order to weave the silk purse (known as the Israeli-American “special relationship“) out of the sow’s ear of documented instance after instance after instance of Jewish interests betraying America time and again we must conveniently put aside certain uncomfortable truths, a short list of which includes–

(a) Jonathon Pollard, who stole and then sold to Israel close to a million documents classified “SCI,” the highest classification that exists and whose treason resulted in the deaths of close to 1,500 American intelligence assets/agents working behind the Iron Curtain–

(b) Ben Ami Kadesh, recently convicted of passing along still more nuclear weapons-related information to the Jewish state–

(c) The infamous 3 Amigos of “Let’s Get America To Send Her Sons off to Fight Israel’s Wars For Her” fame, meaning Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others investigated multiple times for their roles as Israeli spies–

(d) The Jewish Institute For National Security Affairs, also investigated numerous times for its role as an adjunct to Israel’s Mossad–

(e) AIPAC (twice raided by the FBI for suspicion of espionage) as well as her top two officers Keith Weissman and Steve Rosen being charged with espionage on behalf of Israel–

(f) The hundreds of Israeli spies arrested on or immediately after 9/11, some of them caught in circumstances as incriminating as filming the destruction of the towers that day while cheering and who later revealed candidly on Israeli TV that they had been sent to “document” the event–

And then of course, the latest in a long and growing list of those spying on behalf of the same country that “does not spy on America”–Stewart David Nozzette.

Nozzette’s case, while in many ways emblematic of many things involving the seemingly measurable proclivity on the part of Jewish interests towards selling America (and anyone else) down the river for 30 pieces of silver, is at the same time revealing in other ways as well.

Nozzette was certainly not an impoverished man. With his credentials and the kinds of posts he held he certainly was well into a 6-figure salary. Governments–including Uncle Sam–understand that the best way to keep employees loyal to the company is to remove any need for “moonlighting”, and the fact the FBI overseeing the undercover operation paid him relatively small amounts indicates he was doing it not as much for money as for “a higher cause”. Clearly, by the statements he made documented in the criminal complaint and attached affidavit (including the fact his parents were both Jewish and that if nabbed he would take advantage of his “right of return” as a Jew and seek asylum in “home sweet home”, meaning Israel) he was a “true believer” in the Jewish cause.

Furthermore, the entire demeanor he seemed to display during the face-to-face get togethers with the undercover FBI agent carried an air of “Wink, wink”, you know you can count on me to sell out the country that has given me life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all my life. After all, I’m Jewish, and this is what Jews are called upon to do in proving their loyalty.”

Naturally, Jewish interests are doing what they always do best when caught doing the nasty–do a little cosmetic surgery and turn the accused into the accuser and vice versa. Rather then taking their licks like men and fessing up to what everybody in-the-know already knows, instead it has to be all about–surprise, surprise, “everybody pickin’ on da po’ lil’ Jews.” Indicted spy for Israel Steve Rosen accused the US Justice Department and the CIA of being “paranoid” when it comes to Israel…Blowhard par excellence Abe Foxman of the ADL finds it “troubling” that so many spies being nabbed in the US these days are Jewish, as if the real reason for all of this is that the same US sending $30 million a day to Israel is “anti-Semitic” rather than the fact that the lion’s share of spies operating in the US are Jews.

Given their microscopic percentage in terms of demographics, the fact that SO MANY of them are up to their eyeballs in the dirty business of espionage and betrayal raises certain troubling questions. Since (as we are told on a regular basis whenever some spy for Israel gets caught) that spying is an “across the board” thing that “all countries” do to each other, that means that the cases involving Jews spying n America should fit proportinally with those demographics, meaning only in about 2-3% of the cases.

Clearly this is not the case, as they account for over half, and what’s more concerning (and disconcerting) is that the cases involving them are not mamby-pamby cases of technical manuals for the M-16 rifle, but rather the big ones involving the life-and death secrets of America.

Some will say (with a fair amount of justification) this is something of an unavoidability on the part of Jewish interests and likening it to a program in the collective Jewish hard drive where their “nation” comes first in any kind of political arrangement, irrespective of where they and their ancestors have lived for generations. Some argue (again, with justification) that by virtue of thousands of years of careful psychological manipulation they are in effect a people with a ROM hard drive like the Terminator or a nation of Manchurian Candidates who function along semi-normally until they get “the call” from headquarters telling them to execute a particular mission. Although certainly a notion well-known throughout history in Gentile nations who learned about this tendency in a manner “up close and personal,” it’s also an idea authoritatively outlined by former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book “By Way Of Deception” and its sequel “The Other Side Of Deception” where he paints a frightening picture of a real-life Jewish 5th column in virtually every country in the world (called “sayanim”) who can be activated at a moment’s notice if needed.

The other factor to consider in all of this of course is religion, something we are all encouraged to dissect when analyzing the “Muslim Mafia” (you know the routine by now) and the “dangers” of Islam. For the Jews, espionage and sabotage of “the other” is something of a sacrament–time-honored and part of the “family business” when it comes to La Kosher Nostra. After all, the Jews, as we are constantly told these days, are a people of tradition. They base and justify their entire existence as individuals and as a group on the deeds of their patriarchs of yesteryear.

Lying and treachery began with the story of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into prostitution to the King of Egypt, continued with Jacob conspiring with his mother to defraud his own brother of his rightful inheritance and then reached its apex with Joseph robbing the entire nation of Egypt of its wealth.

Keep in mind that these fraudsters and shysters are not demonized by today’s Jews for their past criminal behavior, but rather IDOLIZED.

This being the case then, a new king takes power in Egypt, and understanding through historical experience the treacherous side of these people, decides they must be dealt with “shrewdly”, knowing that if his country ever found itself at war they would side with Egypt’s enemies for their own personal gain, despite the fact they already lived as kings of commerce and finance.

All of which begs the obvious question–should the US (or any other country, for that matter) allow a group of people loyal to another nation access to the kind of life-and-death information that–statistically speaking–stands a good chance of winding up in the hands of America’s enemies, as did the documents stolen by Jonathon Pollard?

Or rather should the leaders of these countries “act shrewdly” with them, as did the King of Egypt upon ascending his throne? Certainly–in this the age of Muslim-bashing on the part of Jewish interests–no one would think twice about restricting highly-classified material to “jihadists”, and this being the standard set, what’s sauce for the goose must also be sauce for the gander and therefore should apply to the yahudists as well.

But perhaps the best argument in favor of such a program comes from Jewish spy Jonathon Pollard himself who–while being interrogated by the authorities for his role in selling some of the most life-and-death secrets America possessed at that time to Israel that were then sold to the Soviet Union, America’s sworn enemy stated–

“The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.”

*Mark Glenn is a former high school teacher turned writer / commentator.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lithuanian Man Kills Corrupt Pedophile Jew Judge

Lithuanian Dad Kills Judge For Molesting His 3 Yr Old
Judge Dreadful Killer A World Hero
Austria Times

A dad who shot dead a judge and a senior politician because they molested his three-year old daughter has becomea national hero after going on the run in Lithuania.

Horrified Drasius Keyds, 37, gunned down the perverted pair on Monday after police turned a deaf ear to his pleas for justice for his tortured tot.

Now in hiding, Keyds has become a hero on YouTube and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world pledging support.

"You are a hero to all of us," reads one Facebook message. "What you did is nothing but justice."

Mugs and t-shirts with his image on them have begun appearing alongside the logo "Drasius: Lone-avenger".

Keyds' nightmare began a year ago when daughter Deimantela told him about a meeting set up by his then fiancee with judge Jonas Furmanavicziusa and the Speaker of Lithuania's parliament , Andrius Us. [Based on the way these names have been misspelled, I'd say both men are Jews and the misspellings were intentionally made to make it difficult to prove their ethnicity via a google search - "Andrius is no doubt Andreas, and the proper spelling for the other judge is "Furmanavicius" [26,000 google hits], not Furmanavicziusa [Two google hits]. Jews do this ALL THE TIME, in fact, you should automatically assume that any Jew accused of anything, will have an intentionally misspelled first name, surname, or both.]

The pair allegedly raped and abused the youngster who reported her ordeal to her father.

But a year long campaign for a police investigation failed when detectives told Keyds there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.

Now the fugitive dad is being offered a safe haven in neighbouring countries like Poland.

Parliamentary deputy speaker Stefan Niesioowski said: "This is a clear case of incompetent law enforcement on the original crime."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Georgia Tech Employee Arrested On Felony Charges Of Forgery And Identity Theft

Atlanta, GA
An investigation by Georgia Tech's office of internal auditing and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has led to the arrest of a Jonesboro woman on charges that she stole the identity of an Illinois resident and used that information to steal over $10,000 from the school.

Merideth Durrah, 38, who worked as a program coordinator in the College of Sciences, faces felony charges related to the incident in which GBI officials says Durrah forged a letter from a professor at Georgia Tech offering the woman a job, then stole at east two payroll checks in the amount of $5,100 each from the school issued in the woman's name.

The investigation began after the Illinois woman was denied employment in her home state following a background check with showed she had not paid taxes on the funds from Georgia Tech.

"This woman had access to privileged information with respect to the person in Illinois," said John Bankhead, GBI spokesman. "How she got access to that information is still under investigation."

Durrah has been terminated from her position at the school and faces felony charges of forgery and theft by taking. Officials say other charges may be filed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gun Toting Transvestite Arrested At Emory University

Good grief.

Emory Police Department (EPD) officers arrested “Coco Dorella,” whose legal name is William Frazier, on Sept. 18 at the Dobbs University Center (DUC) for carrying a loaded weapon onto school property.

Frazier was reported by an Emory staff member, who said that a black male wearing a multicolored mini skirt and a wig had entered the women’s restroom, said Lt. Cheryl Elliott of EPD, adding that the DUC staff had asked him on many occasions not to use the restroom.

EPD officers arrived at the DUC and approached Frazier, a 24-year-old visitor to the University.

EPD officers initially charged Frazier with creating hazardous or offensive conditions, which is a violation of DeKalb County ordinance.

“It was much more of trying to identify what reason he had to be on campus that led us to [the arrest],” Elliott said. “If he had had business on campus or he had not had all the other incidents, we would have just talked to him, asked if he needed to use a unisex bathroom.”

Upon issuing Frazier the citation, officers discovered a Taurus 22-caliber weapon in his purse, along with other various personal items.

Article continued at the Emory Wheel. It's a good read.

When you're passing through the Emory area be sure to visit the Michael C Carlos Museum which is exhibiting the Old Master Highlights of the Works on Paper Collection through December 6th. Just watch out for the black man in the mini skirt, he has a gun.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kapparot: The Chicken Holocaust

Farmers beware! Lock up your poultry, the Chicken Holocaust is upon us! Yom Kippur begins at sundown on Sunday September 27 and ends at nightfall on Monday September 28! Untold thousands of chickens will suffer unspeakable deaths at the hands of jews seeking atonement for their own sins!

Kapparot is a cruel and sadistic animal sacrifice ritual in which the "sins" and misdeeds of a jew are symbolically transferred to a fowl. It is practiced on the eve of Yom Kippur.

During the vile and vicious ritual, selections of semitic scripture from Isaiah 11:9, Psalms 107:10, 14, and 17-21, and Job 33:23-24 are muttered in Hebrew while a live rooster (for a male) or a hen (for a female) is held above the jew's head and swung in a circle three times and the jew exclaims: "This is my exchange, my substitute, my atonement; this rooster (or hen) shall go to its death, but I shall go to a good, long life, and to peace." The jew then brutally slaughters the chicken, under the belief that the fowl will take on any misfortune that might otherwise occur to the jew who has taken part in the ritual, in punishment for his or her "sins".

In other words, the chickens must suffer for the misdeeds of the jews. Doesn't sound like a very good deal for the chickens.

Oh, yeah... PETA is pissed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Free State Parks And Historical Sites Day

Celebrate National Public Lands Day Saturday, September 26, 2009 and be exempt from paying the daily parking fee, and admission fees to all state historic sites.

Georgia State Parks invites everyone to show support for Georgia State Parks and their mission: to protect, preserve and provide access to public green spaces.

Visitors can join in organized service projects or just enjoy the day at one of beautiful State Parks & Historic Sites including free fishing. All voluntary contributions will continue to help support Georgia State Parks mission to protect, preserve and provide access to public green spaces.

To see a list of all events and find out more about how you can be of service, visit

Sen. Johnny Isakson Campaigns To Block Action Against Israel For Human Rights Atrocities And War Crimes

Washington, DC
Georgia senator Johnny Isakson and senator Kristen Gillibrand of New York are campaigning on behalf of the terrorist state of Israel to prohibit discussion of the findings of the recent "Goldstone Report" throughout current meetings of the United Nations Human Rights Council in an effort to cover up war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

A letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton states, "We hope you will succeed in your efforts to ensure that consideration of the report at the current meetings of the U.N. Human Rights Council will not provide an opportunity for Israel’s critics to unfairly use the Council and the report to bring this matter to the U.N. Security Council".

Although, officially, the letter is being circulated by the offices of Gillibrand and Isakson, it is believed to have originated from a zionist extremist group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Isakson is a rabid zionist with a long record of support for the Israeli terrorists. (See Isakson's March 2008 AIPAC speech here.)

The report is the result of the UN Human Rights Council investigation into war crimes and atrocities against Palestinian civilians by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), specifically Israel's "Operation: Cast Lead" which was executed during last winter's Gaza war. The investigation commission was headed by Judge Richard Goldstone, of South Africa. The Goldstone Report was released last week and charges Israel with numerous war crimes. The 575 page Advance Edited Version of the report is availible at the link below.

More about the Goldstone Report from LinkTV's Mosaic Intelligence Report:

(Warning: This Video Contains Graphic Images)

Georgians are urged to contact Sen. Isakson at his offices in Atlanta and Washington, DC and express their opinions on Israel's accountability for war crimes (or the overtly biased lack thereof).

United States Senate
120 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: (202) 224-3643
Fax: (202) 228-0724

One Overton Park, Suite 970
3625 Cumberland Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30339
Tel: (770) 661-0999
Fax: (770) 661-0768

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fugitive Dekalb County Cop Captured In Belize

Punta Gorda, Belize
Following a lead given to the US Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service, police arrested fugitive Dekalb County Sheriffs Deputy Derrick Yancey in a bar in Punta Gorda, Belize.

Yancey is accused of murdering his 44 year old wife Linda Yancey (who was also a Dekalb police officer) and Marcial Cax Puluc, a 20 year old immigrant "day laborer", inside the Yancey's Stone Mountain, Georgia home in August of 2008. Yancey claimed that the day laborer had shot his wife and then he shot the day laborer. Yancey was arrested after ballistics tests confirmed that he had killed both victims.

On August 28, 2008 Dekalb Superior Court Judge Anne Workman ordered that the accused double murderer was to be released on bond and placed under "house arrest". On April 4, 2009, Yancey cut the electronic monitoring device off his ankle and fled from his mother's Clayton county home, where he had been living under "house arrest".

Yancey remained on the run for five months and was profiled on America's Most Wanted. He's also included in the show's "Cops On The Wrong Side Of The Law" feature.

Police in Belize say Yancey was taken into custody without incident in a bar in southern Belize on September 19, 2009.

"We had his photograph in our possession and upon identifying ourselves, he just handed over himself. There was no resistance in his arrest," said Inspector Andres Makin of the Punta Gorda Police Station.

Yancey will be extradited back to Georgia to face prosecution.

Monday, September 21, 2009

PGA At East Lake Golf Club

Atlanta, GA
The Professional Golfers Association comes to the East Lake Golf Club for the FedEx Cup Championship playoffs. The tournament begins on Thursday, September 24 and runs through Sunday, September 27.

The East Lake Golf Club opened in 1904. The course is credited with producing golfing great Bobby Jones as well as 21 national champions. The course and the clubhouse have undergone major renovations as recently as 2008. The course has also suffered extensive damage from the recent drought and, most likely, additional damage from the floods that hit the area over the past weekend.

Let's just hope Tiger Woods doesn't get car-jacked messing around out in east Atlanta.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two Dekalb School Officials Suspended For Test Fraud

Atlanta, GA
The Georgia Professional Standards Commission suspended two Dekalb County School officials on Thursday.

Former Atherton Elementary School principal James Berry was banned from working in Georgia's public schools for two years and former Atherton assistant principal Doretha Alexander was banned for one year for their roles in correcting student's answers on CRCT test forms in order to retain federal funding.

The Commission also approved formal investigations of at least eight other Georgia educators in connection with the statewide scandal. The scheme was uncovered when State officials noticed a high number of eraser marks on tests from Atherton and four other Georgia schools. The Governor's Office of Student Achievements preliminary audit results revealed that someone deliberately changed students' answers on the 5th grade CRCT math re-test.

The state said the scores improved significantly by the changes. At Atherton, the state found on average, answers were altered 21 times per student, the majority of the changes making them correct.

“The evidence presented was both compelling and troubling to me as superintendent of the DeKalb County School System. I assure you I am moving with great speed to address this matter internally.”, said DeKalb County school superintendent, Dr. Crawford Lewis.

Berry and Alexander were also arrested in connection with the incident and face criminal charges including altering public documents.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Negroes Fear White Mayor

Atlanta, GA
Black mayoral candidate and Atlanta City Council President, Lisa Borders has returned a $500 campaign contribution after she challenged a memo he sent out as being racist. Negro political operative and former Borders supporter Aaron Turpeau recently circulated a memo calling for Atlanta's negro community to support Borders over white candidate Mary Norwood.

When news of the memo became public, Borders issued statements calling the memo "racist". Several other candidates spoke out against the "black mayor first" memo which was written by two negro professors from Clark Atlanta University, William Boone and Keith Jennings.

Turpeau was surprised and disappointed by the reaction to the memo and the return of his check stating, “The reaction by the two leading black candidates was very disappointing. Candidate Kasim Reed, who the memo pointed out was far behind in the polls, led the charge by crying out charges of black racism and was quickly followed by candidate Lisa Borders calling the memo racist, instead of an opportunity for racial discussion,”

“Both outcries are seen by many in the black community as pandering for white votes and support.” Turpeau said.

The "black mayor first" memo is presented below.


The debate over the best strategic option for black leadership and the African American community as we approach the Mayoral election in Atlanta has become critical based on the fact that for the last 25 years Atlanta has represented the breakthrough for black political empowerment in the South.

It is debatable to what extent the objective socio-economic and political position of the African American community has improved. At the same time, most would agree that the Jackson breakthrough represented an unprecedented opportunity for black political representation nationwide.

A passionate argument has been made for us to develop a unity of purpose and position, and for that to be defined immediately, given the short amount of time remaining between now and November 2009 election day (two and ½ months from now).

There are unstated assumptions that need to be examined. Perhaps the most critical factor is the lack of an agenda against which to evaluate candidates. An agenda, beyond just electing a Black Mayor, would allow us to move from the margins of the debate to controlling the expectations associated with gaining our support.

Three basic assertions have been made. They are as follows:

1. There is a chance for the first time in 25 years that African Americans could lose the Mayoral seat in Atlanta, Georgia, especially if there is a run-off;

2. Time is of the essence because in order to defeat a Norwood (white) mayoral candidacy we have to get out now and work in a manner to defeat her without a runoff, and the key is a significant Black turnout in the general election;

3. The reasons support should be given to Lisa Borders is: 1) she is the best black candidate in the race who has a chance to win the election because she can attract downtown white support; and 2) based on polling data drawn from a host of sources between May 2009 and July 2009, the numbers suggest Borders is growing stronger as we move closer to the election, while the most recent polling data suggests that the other black candidates are falling further behind over the same period.

There are also at least three unstated assumptions that should be further explored:

Unstated Assumption

1. With the “Black Mayor first” approach there is an unstated assumption that having a black mayor in Atlanta is equal to having a black social, economic and political agenda or at least someone in office who would be sensitive to that agenda if not a full promoter of that agenda;

2. By coming out for Borders now would eliminate Reed, Spikes and Thomas as viable candidates. Some would argue that if the polling data is correct then those candidates who are only polling at 8%, 2% and 1% respectfully, are already effectively out of the race; and

3. It is unlikely that there will be a unified preference among existing black leadership and in the African American community for one candidate prior to the general election.

The Missing Factors in the Current Approach

There are at least seven real world common knowledge factors that must be taken into consideration as we debate how best to manifest our support in the run-up to the November elections. They are as follows:

1. The impact of current alienation among Black Atlantans from the political establishment;

2. The imperiled state of the Jackson Machine, (in part because of the displacement of close to 100,000 black residents over the past few years) and the effect operation of the NPU system by whites;

3. Shirley Franklin’s perceived poor performance;

4. The changing demographics in the city, the potential role of new city voters and the diminished role of religious and labor leaders in mobilizing the black vote;

5. The importance of the City Council races (which to date seems to have been ignored);

6. The persistent poverty in the city, the educational crisis in the schools; the human security/public safety concerns; the type of economic development policies being pursued; and the city’s awful financial management issues;

7. A Black Agenda that any candidate should be evaluated against.

What’s At Stake?

Determining what’s at stake depends on perspective:

1. The view that the times are too serious to stand on the sidelines is absolutely correct from the perspective of a black mayor at all cost. In fact, if a white candidate were to win the 2009 mayoral race, it would be just as significant in political terms as Maynard Jackson’s victory in 1973.

2. Therefore, the question becomes, if that were the case, how would African American interests be addressed; thus, the need for a comprehensive agenda. At the same time, just having a black mayor doesn’t guarantee that African American issues and concerns would be effectively addressed either (as the current administration’s relationship to the African American community clearly demonstrates). In other words, are we simply providing votes without any expectations of the candidate that would enjoy our support?;

3. While some may think that Franklin represents the last link to the Jackson Machine, it is not widely known that both Borders and Reed are directly connected to Franklin; or that Spikes and Thomas are Republicans, as is Norwood. Additionally, it should not be overlooked that whoever is Mayor of Atlanta will be in position to play an important role in the upcoming 2010 Georgia Governor’s race;

4. The changing demographics which show a more rapid growth in the city’s white population (faster and a higher percentage than anywhere else in the country) requires that we critically evaluate all candidates;

5. To ignore the alienation that exists among black voters towards the Franklin Administration’s performance is naive at best and dishonest at worse; and finally,

6. We need an overall governance strategy and a definition of who really governs in Atlanta. In other words, in 2009 we have arrived at a place in time where we can no longer afford to just look at race in the Mayor’s race or individual council races.

At the end of the day, “when the morning comes,” a black agenda would better enable us to have our interests respected by and our influence realized in any administration.

Court Issues 'Slap On The Wrist' For Court Employee In Ticket Fixing Scam

Decatur, GA
Last week Dekalb County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Becker handed down sentences against former court employee Charlene Johnson and local clothing store owner Sonia Williams for their part in a long running ticket fixing scheme. Six others were arrested during the investigation.

Johnson (pictured at left) pleaded guilty to violating the public trust, using her position in at the Recorder's Court to have cases dismissed in exchange for money. Williams pleaded guilty to bringing tickets to Johnson and giving Johnson cash or "store discounts" in exchange for having cases dismissed.

The two were charged with 171 criminal charges, including violations of the Georgia Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Johnson admitted to netting over $20,000 from the scheme over the last three years. Johnson was sentenced to 20 years, but ordered to serve only 12 months and to pay restitution, while Williams was sentenced to five years, but ordered to serve only 30 days.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Your Mouth A Little Weak? - An Essay By Patrick Grimm

We have no free speech in any meaningful sense. Any academic can boast of the fact that he is a Marxist/Leninist or a Communist ideologue. But let one professor claim himself a National Socialist or an adherent to an ideology of nationalism in any meaningful sense, and he will be driven into oblivion.

The Communist Left controls the institutions, the government and the think tanks. This is due to the Jewish onslaught. The radical Jews, along with their minions in the socialist media now grip America by the hairs of her collective head. Any nationalism, and for that matter, any racialism that dares to upset the Jewish apple cart (if you can imagine the shiftless Jews growing produce) is squelched, is quelled with a vehemence rivaling Stalin’s most extreme excesses.

The Jews want to destroy whiteness. They desire more than anything else, for the white race to voluntarily extinguish itself, without guns, without war, with tumult, to choose, out of guilt and self-flagellation, to bring about its own expiration date.

Our free speech is null and void. Though it may be a few more months before the swine flu hysteria wears off and Jews turn America into a FEMA camp totalitarian society worthy of Trotsky and Lenin’s wet dreams, we are done. We are a country betrothed with the legacy of a Hidden Tyranny we dare not identify, much less fight openly. Dare I say I am pessimistic about our prognosis thus far. We don’t have the intestinal fortitude to shake ourselves free of our Marxist/Leninist overlords and yes, Zionist Jewish masters, who dictate what our proper behavior should be.

Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak? Of course it is. You have been conditioned, lulled into a love of the soft tyranny of Jewish demands. The valentine has been ripped from out your chest. The love of your people has been jettisoned from your beating breast. You would rather become a prisoner of your own fear than dare to stand against the anti-freedomist Jews who now threaten to tear your cowardly heart from out your rib cage.

Stand, dear white soul, stand. Or would you rather be yanked into the maelstrom of a Jewish-induced insanity? Recall the three most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Athwart the last one hundred years stand three intellectuals. They are Marx, Freud and Darwin. The first two are Jewish hacks. The third is the only “survivalist” worthy of still citing as much as a footnote in the history of ideas.

Our free speech has been ripped from the moorings of the Magna Carta and the Constitution. Why? Because the Jew believes in neither of these documents. He believes in nothing, nay not self-sacrifice, nay not logic or reason. He believes in egotism writ large and nothing more than the nationalism that is his own. Every other nation must be crushed beneath the boot of Talmudic totalitarian tyranny. Is this enough to elicit your righteous anger and your white European fury? I doubt it. For it has been smothered like a candle in a windstorm. It has been silenced amidst the vortex of pragmatism and practicality worthy of a Puritanical Jewish wannabe Self-Chosenist.

We have no free speech. We have politeness and apologies and self-loathing. What we don’t have are the stuff that will save us. What we have in excess are the traits that guarantee that the internationalist, Marxist/Leninist/Zionist Jew can play upon both our sympathies and our hubris, bending our future to his will, his way and his wickedness.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Georgians Demand More Information On Crime Statistics

Atlanta, GA
Amid rising crime rates, the decreased ability of law enforcement agencies to protect citizens and public admissions by local politicians that the state is unsafe, many Georgia residents and civic organizations are demanding better access to information on crime statistics.

Some Seek More Crime Reports

Statistics wanted: Those trying to get information to try to determine trends in neighborhoods can run into obstacles.

By Megan Matteucci, Tim Eberly

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fred Pangle uses a neighborhood map, Post-it notes and word-of-mouth to track crime statistics in his Rex subdivision.

The handyman said he maps crime for his Amberwood Neighborhood Association because he can’t get enough information from the Clayton County Police Department.

“They say they can’t tell us anything unless you’re the victim,” Pangle said. “Maybe if we had crime statistics, people might come to the realization of how unsafe it is and know what’s really going on.”

Under the Georgia Open Records Act, almost all initial crime incident reports are open to public review. Across the metro area, people get individual reports every day —- mostly for use in traffic cases or incidents in which they were victims.

But amid rising interest in crime rates, residents, civic groups or even reporters trying to determine broader trends in neighborhoods can find that getting information is more complicated.

Several county departments, including Clayton, Cobb and Gwinnett, generally limit access to reports on a specific incident or for a specific address. There is no ready access to incident logs.

“Open records law does not require an agency to allow open inspection of bulk or all reports,” said Cpl. Illana Spellman of Gwinnett County police. “Open records law requires that if a specific report is requested and is open to public disclosure, that the information be released.”

That’s wrong, said Hollie Manheimer, executive director of the Georgia First Amendment Foundation. Initial incident and arrest reports, she said, “are the classic public record. All of them are open, immediately and always, for public inspection.”

More at AJC.COM.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

British Activist Colin Jordan Has Died


John Colin Campbell Jordan (June 19, 1923 — April 9, 2009)

HIS MEMORY LIVES ON — An old warrior rests.

NSNS Friday, 10 April 2009

HARROGATE, England — Colin Jordan, the elder statesman of National Socialism in Britain and a powerful voice of postwar National Socialism around the world, has died. He was 85.

Born in 1923, Jordan was educated at Warwick School and between 1946 and 1949 at Cambridge University, where he graduated with honors in history.

At Cambridge Jordan formed the Nationalist Club, from where he was invited to join the short-lived British Peoples Party, a group of former British Union of Fascists members led by Lord Tavistock, heir to the Duke of Bedford.

Jordan soon became associated with the prewar National Socialist leader Arnold Leese and was left a property in Leese's will, which became the base of operations when Jordan launched the White Defence League in 1956. Jordan later merged this organization with the National Labor Party to form the British National Party in 1960, which he left following a dispute over his advocacy of open National Socialism.

After leaving Cambridge, Jordan taught mathematics at a secondary school in Coventry, until he was banned because of his racial-nationalist activities.

As a result he founded the National Socialist Movement [not to be confused with a group with similar name in the United States] in 1962, along with John Tyndall. The two were successful in eluding authorities to bring the banned American National Socialist George Lincoln Rockwell into the country for a spectacular appearance in August of that year at an international conference of National Socialists hosted by Jordan in the Cotswolds. The gathering resulted in the formation of the World Union of National Socialists, of which Jordan became its first commander.

Several weeks later, Jordan was arrested and imprisoned for organizing an elite formation of the Movement, as well as for a "Hitler Was Right!" speech he gave in London's Trafalgar Square. He was again imprisoned in 1967 for publishing and disseminating literature on the Jewish question and the threat of colored immigration.

In the 1980s, Jordan revived Gothic Ripples, originally Arnold Leese's publication, as his personal newsletter.

Over the years the redoubtable Jordan was subject to numerous house searches and prosecutions, all stemming from alleged violations of Britain's notorious racial speech laws, in the course of which irreplaceable books and manuscripts were seized. Despite it all, he remained steadfast and indefatigable in his convictions and in defense of the National Socialist cause.

Colin Jordan was an honorary member of the NEW ORDER and recipient of its highest award, the Loyalty Badge. He was a close friend of the current head of the World Union of National Socialists, Matt Koehl.

Jordan lived on a small farm estate near Harrogate in the Yorkshire Dales. He is survived by his wife Julia and a stepdaughter.



Continuing the fight for a better world —

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pasque di sangue - Blood Passover

The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s BLOOD PASSOVER on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.

Dr. Toaff is uniquely qualified to write this book, being thoroughly familiar with the derivative literature in English, French, German and Italian, as well as the original documentary sources in Latin, Medieval Italian, Hebrew and Yiddish. This is not something he worked on in secret. On the contrary, he worked on it openly with his university students and colleagues in Israel for several years; one of his students was even going to publish a paper on the subject. The author is extremely careful about what he says, and his conclusions must be taken seriously. It reads like a detective story.

If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not wish Gentiles to know about. But Dr. Toaff’s announcement of its publication in Italy, in Italian, raised a worldwide firestorm of fury. Under unbearable pressure, the book was withdrawn from publication, and is not to be re-issued.

* * *

Dr. Toaff's Blood Passover was translated into English by Gian Marco and Pietro Gianetti. The translation of the Preface is presented here along with a link to the complete book translated into English.


Ritual homicide trials are a difficult knot to unravel. Most researchers simply set out in search of more or less convincing confirmation of previously developed theories of which the researcher himself appears firmly convinced. The significance of any information failing to fit the preconceived picture is often minimized, and sometimes passed over entirely in silence. Oddly, in this type of research, that which is to be proven is simply taken for granted to begin with. There is a clear perception that any other attitude would involve hazards and repercussions which are to be avoided at all costs.

There is no doubt that the uniformity of the defendant’s confessions, contradicted only by variants and incongruities generally relating to details of secondary importance, was assumed by the judges and so-called "public opinion" to constitute “proof” that the Jews, characterized by their great mobility and widespread dispersion, practiced horrible, murderous rituals in hatred of the Christian religion. The stereotype of ritual murder, like that of profanation of the Host and cannibal sacrifice, was present in their minds from the outset, suggesting to both judges and inquisitors alike the possibility of extorting symmetrical, harmonious and significant confessions, triggering a chain reaction of denunciations, veritable and proper manhunts and indiscriminate massacres.

While attempts have been made, in certain cases, to reconstruct the ideological mechanisms and underlying theological and mythological beliefs, with their theological and mythological justifications, which rendered the persecution of the Jews possible as the practitioners of outrageous and blood-thirsty rituals, particularly in the German-speaking countries of Europe, little or nothing has been done to investigate the beliefs of the men and women accused -- or who accused themselves -- of ritual crucifixion, desecration of the host, haematophagy [eating of blood products] and cannibalism.

On the other hand -- if an exception be made for the first sensational case of ritual crucifixion, which occurred in Norwich, England, in 1146, or the equally well-known “blood libel” case at Trent, Italy, in 1475 -- the trial records and transcripts (usually referred to under the generic term “historical documentation”) constitute, in actual fact, very poor and often purely circumstantial evidence, highly condensed in form and very sparse in detail, totally insufficient for research purposes. Perhaps for this very same reason, that which is missing is often artificially added, assumed or formulated as a hypothesis, in the absence of any explicit probative evidence one way or another (i.e., in the desired direction); in the meantime, the entire matter is immersed in a tinted bath, from which the emerging image is superficial at best, enveloped in a cloud of mystery, with all the related paraphernalia from a distant past, and must remain forever incomprehensible to researchers intent on examining these problems through the application of anachronistic interpretive categories. These efforts -- obviously unreliable -- are generally performed in good faith. Or, more exactly, almost always in good faith.

Thus, in Anglo-Saxon (British and American) historical-anthropological research on Jews and ritual murder (from Joshua Trachtenberg to Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia), magic and witchcraft traditionally feature among the favorite aspects under examination. This approach, for a variety of reasons, is enjoying an extraordinary rebirth at the present time. But that which seems to obtain a high degree of popularity at the moment is not necessarily convincing to meticulous scholars, not content with superficial and impressionistic responses.

Nearly all the studies on Jews and the so-called “blood libel” accusation to date have concentrated almost exclusively on persecutions and persecutors; on the ideologies and presumed motives of those same persecutors: their hatred of Jews; their political and/or religious cynicism; their xenophobic and racist rancor; their contempt for minorities. Little or no attention has been paid to the attitudes of the persecuted Jews themselves and their underlying patterns of ideological behavior – even when they confessed themselves guilty of the specific accusations brought against them. Even less attention has been paid to the behavioral patterns and attitudes of these same Jews; nor have these matters been considered worthy even of interest, attention or serious investigation. On the contrary: these behavioral patterns and attitudes have simply been incontrovertibly dismissed as non-existent -- as invented out of whole cloth by the sick minds of anti-Semites and fanatical, obtusely dogmatic Christians.

Nevertheless, although difficult to digest, these actions, once their authenticity is demonstrated or even supposed as possible, should be the object of serious study by reputable scholars. The condemnation, or, alternatively, the aberrant justification of these rituals cannot be imposed upon researchers as the sole, and banal, options. Scholars must be permitted the possibility of attempting serious research on the actual, or presumed, religious, theological and historical motivations of the Jewish protagonists themselves. Blind excuses are just as worthless as blindly dogmatic condemnation: neither can demonstrate anything other than that which already existed in the mind of the observer to begin with. It is precisely the possibility of evading any clear, precise and unambiguous definition of the reality of ritual child murders rooted in religious faith which has facilitated the intentional or involuntary blindness of Christian and Jewish scholars alike, both pro- and anti-Jewish.

Any additional example of the two-dimensional “flattening” of Jewish history, viewed exclusively as the history of religious or political “anti-Semitism” at all times, must necessarily be regretted. When “one-way” questions presuppose “one-way” answers; when the stereotype of “anti-Semitism” hovers menacingly over any objective approach to the difficult problem of historical research in relation to Jews, any research ends up by losing a large part of its value.

All such research is thus transformed, by the very nature of things, into a “guided tour” conducted against a fictitious and unreal background, in a “virtual reality show” intended to produce the desired reaction, which has naturally been decided upon in advance.

As stressed above, it is simply not permissible to ignore the mental attitudes of the Jews who were tried, tortured and executed for ritual murder, or persecuted on the same charge. At some point, we must ask ourselves whether the “confessions” of the defendants constitute exact records of actual events, or merely the reflection of beliefs forming part of a symbolic, mythical and magical context which must be reconstructed to be understood. In other words: do these “confessions” reflect merely the beliefs of Gentile judges, clergy and populace, with their private phobias and obsessions, or, on the contrary, of the defendants themselves? Untangling the knot is not an easy or pleasant task; but perhaps it is not entirely impossible.

In the first place, therefore, we must investigate the mental attitudes of the Jews themselves, in the tragic drama of ritual sacrifice, together with the accompanying religious beliefs and superstitious and magical elements. Due attention must be paid to the admissions which made historical and local context, identifiable within a succession of German-speaking territories on both sides of the Alps, throughout the long period from the First Crusade to the twilight of the Middle Ages. In substance, we should investigate the possible presence of Jewish beliefs relating to ritual child murders, linked to the feast of Passover, while attempting to reconstitute the significance of any such beliefs. The trial records, particularly the minutely detailed reports relating to the death of Little Simon of Trent, cannot be dismissed on the assumption that all such records represent simply the specific deformation of beliefs held by the judges, who are alleged to have collected detailed but manipulated confessions by means of force and violence to ensure that all such confessions conformed to the anti-Jewish theories already in circulation at the time.

A careful reading of the trial records, in both form and substance, recall too many features of the conceptual realities, rituals, liturgical practices and mental attitudes typical of, and exclusive to, one distinct, particular Jewish world – features which can in no way be attributed to suggestion on the part of judges or prelates – to be ignored. Only a frank analysis of these elements can make any valid, new and original contribution to the reconstruction of beliefs relating to child sacrifice held by the alleged Jewish perpetrators themselves -- whether real or imagined – in addition to attitudes based on the unshakeable faith in their redemption and ultimate vengeance against the Gentiles, emerging from blood and suffering, which can only be understood in this context.

In this Jewish-Germanic world, in continual movement, profound currents of popular magic had, over time, distorted the basic framework of Jewish religious law, changing its forms and meanings. It is in these "mutations" in the Jewish tradition – which are, so to speak, authoritative – that the theological justifications of the commemoration [in mockery of the Passion of Christ] is to be sought, which, in addition to its celebration in the liturgical rite, was also intended to revive, in action, vengeance against a hated enemy continually reincarnated throughout the long history of Israel (the Pharaoh, Amalek, Edom, Haman, Jesus). Paradoxically, in this process, which is complex and anything but uniform, elements typical of Christian culture may be observed to rebound -- sometimes inverted, unconsciously but constantly -- within Jewish beliefs, mutating in turn, and assuming new forms and meanings. These beliefs, in the end, became symbolically abnormal, distorted by a Judaism profoundly permeated by the underlying elements and characteristic features of an adversarial and detested religion, unintentionally imposed by the same implacable Christian persecutor.

We must therefore decide whether or not the alleged “confessions” relating to the crucifixion of children the evening before Passover; the testimonies relating to the utilization of Christian blood in the celebration of the feast of the Passover, represent, in actual fact, mere myths, i.e., beliefs and ideologies dating far back in time; or actual ritual practices, i.e., events which actually occurred, in reality, and were actually celebrated, in prescribed and consolidated forms, with their more or less fixed baggage of formulae and anathemas, accompanying the magical practices and superstitions which formed an integral part of the mentality of the Jews themselves.

In any case, I repeat, we should avoid the easy short-cut of considering these trials and testimonies only as projections -- extorted from the accused by torture and other coercive methods, both psychological and physical -- of the stereotypes, superstitions, fears and beliefs of the judges and populace. Such a method would trigger a process inevitably leading to the dismissal of these same testimonies as “valueless documents with little basis in reality”, except as “indications of the obsessions of a Christian society” which saw, in the Jew, merely a “distorted mirror image” of its own defects. This task appears to have seemed absolutely prohibitive to many scholars, even famous ones, well-educated men of good will, having concerned themselves with this difficult topic.

First, Gavin Lanmuir, who, starting from the facts of Norwich, England, considers the crucifixion and ritual haemotophagia, which appear in two different phases of history, as simply the cultivated and interested inventions of ecclesiastical groups, denying the Jews any role at all except a merely passive one, devoid of responsibility.

Lanmuir was later followed by Willehad Paul Eckert, Diego Qualiglioni, Wolfgang Treue and Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia, who, although examining the phenomenon of ritual child murder from different points of view, intelligently and competently, starting with the late Middle Ages, paying particular attention to the Trent trial documentation, considered it all tout court and often a priori a baseless libel, an expression of hostility on the part of the Christian majority against the Jewish minority.

According to the point of view adopted by these researchers, the inquisitor’s interrogation methods and tortures served no purpose other than to orchestrate a completely harmonious confession of guilt, i.e., of adherence to a truth already existing in the minds of the inquisitors. The use of leading questions and a variety of stratagems, including, in particular, refined torture, were intended to force the defendants to admit that the victim had indeed been kidnapped and tortured according to Jewish ritual, and finally killed in hatred of the Christian faith. The confessions are said to be obviously unbelievable, since the murders were allegedly committed to permit the ritual use of Christian blood, in violation of the Biblical prohibition against the ingestion of blood, a prohibition scrupulously observed by all Jews. As to torture, it is best to recall that its use in the municipalities of northern Italy, at least from the beginning of the 13th century, was regulated, not only by tractate, but by statute as well. As an instrument for determining the truth, torture was permitted in the presence of serious and well-justified clues in cases in which it was considered truly necessary by the podestà [magistrate] and judges. All confessions extorted in this manner, to be considered valid, had to be corroborated by the inquisitor, later, under normal conditions, i.e., in the absence of physical pain or even the threat of renewed torture. These procedures, while unacceptable in our eyes today, were therefore in fact normal, and seem to have been observed in the case of the Trent trials.

Israel Yuval, following in the footsteps of Cecil Roth’s stimulating pioneering study, is more critical and seems more open-minded. Yuval stresses the link between the “blood libel” accusation and the phenomenon of the mass suicides and child murders during the German Jewish communities during the First Crusade. The picture which emerges is one of Ashkenazi Jewry’s hostile and virulent reaction against surrounding Christian society, a reaction finding expression, not only in liturgical invective, but above all, in the conviction that the Jews themselves were capable of compelling God to wreak bloody revenge against their Christian persecutors, thus bringing redemption closer. More recently, Yuval very relevantly demonstrated that the Ashkenazi responses to ritual murder accusations were surprisingly weak.

These responses, whenever they were recorded, contained not the slightest rejection of the probative evidence; rather, they consisted of a mere tu quoque of the accusation against Christians: "Nor are you, yourselves, exempt from guilt of ritual cannibalism". As Yuval wrote, David Malkiel had already noted the manner in which phenomenal prominence was given to the scene, described in a secondary Midrash even in the illustrations of the Passover Haggadah of the German Jewish communities, to the scene, of the Pharaoh taking a health-giving bath in the blood of cruelly massacred Jewish children. The message, which cast not the slightest doubt upon the magical, therapeutic effectiveness of children’s blood, seemed intended to turn the accusation around. “It is not we Jews, or, if you wish, not just we Jews, who have committed such actions; the enemies of Israel in history have been guilty of these things as well, in which case it was Jewish children who were the innocent victims”.

Any showing that these murders, celebrated in the Passover ritual, represented, not just myths, i.e., more or less consistently widespread, consistent religious beliefs, but, rather, actual rites, pertaining to organized groups and forms of worship which were actually practiced, requires a respect for due methodological prudence. The existence of this phenomenon, once it is unequivocally proven, must be viewed within its historical, religious and social context, not to mention the geographical environment in which it is presumably said to have found expression, with all the related and peculiar characteristics which cannot be replicated elsewhere. In other words, we must attempt to search for the heterogenous elements and particular historical-religious experiences which are alleged to have made the killing of Christian children for ritualistic purposes appear plausible, during a certain period, within a certain geographical area (i.e., the German-speaking regions of trans-Alpine and Cisalpine Italy and Germany, or wherever there were strong ethnic elements of German Jewish origin, any time between the Middle Ages and the early modern era), as the expression of collective adjustment of Jewish groups and a presumed desire on the part of God in this sense, or as the irrational instrument of pressure to reinforce that desire [on the part of God], as well as in the mass suicides and child murders "for the love of God", during the First Crusade.

In this research, we should not be surprised to find customs and traditions linked to experiences which did not exist elsewhere: experiences which were to prove more deeply rooted than the standards of religious law itself, although diametrically opposed in practice, accompanied by all the appropriate and necessary formal and textual justifications. Action and reaction: instinctive, visceral, virulent, in which children, innocent and unaware, became the victims of God’s love and vengeance. The blood of children, bathing the altars of a God considered to be in need of guidance, sometimes, of impatient compulsion, impelling Him to protect and to punish.

At the same time, we must keep in mind that, in the German-speaking Jewish communities, the phenomenon, where it took root, was generally limited to groups in which popular tradition, which had, over time, distorted, evaded or replaced the ritual standards of Jewish halakhah, in addition to deeply-rooted customs saturated with magical and alchemical elements, all combined to form a deadly cocktail when mixed with violent and aggressive religious fundamentalism. There can be no doubt, it seems to me, that, that, once the tradition became widespread, the stereotypical image of Jewish ritual child murder continued inevitably to take its own course, out of pure momentum. Thus, the Jews were accused of every child murder, much more often wrongly than rightly, especially if discovered in the springtime. In this sense, Cardinal Lorenzo Ganganelli, later Pope Clement XIV, was correct in his famous report, in both his justifications and his “distinctions”.

The records of the ritual murder trials should be examined with great care and with all due caution. In connection with the witchcraft trials, Carlo Ginzburg pointed out that the defendants (or victims), in a “show trial” of this type,

“…ended up by losing all sense of their own cultural identity, as a result of the acceptance, in whole or in part, by violence or apparently out of spontaneous free choice, of the hostile stereotype imposed by their persecutors [i.e., a sort of Medieval “Stockholm Effect”]. Anyone who fails to conform by simply repeating the results of these findings of historical violence must seek to work upon the rare cases in which the documentation is not just formally set forth in question and answer form; in which, therefore, one may find fragments relatively immune from distortions of the culture which the persecution was intent upon blotting out".

The Trent trials are a priceless document of this very kind. The trial records -- especially, the cracks and rifts in the overall structure permitting the researcher to distinguish and differentiate, in substance, not just in form, between the information provided by the accused and the stereotypes imposed by the inquisitors -- are dazzlingly clear. This fact cannot be glossed over or distorted by means of preliminary categorizations of an ideological or polemical nature, intended to invalidate those very distinctions. In many cases, everything the defendants said was incomprehensible to the judges – often, because their speech was full of Hebraic ritual and liturgical formulae pronounced with a heavy German accent, unique to the German Jewish community, which not even Italian Jews could understand; in other cases, because their speech referred to mental concepts of an ideological nature totally alien to everything Christian. It is obvious that neither the formulae nor the language can be dismissed as merely the astute fabrications and artificial suggestions of the judges in these trials. Dismissing them as worthless, as invented out of whole cloth, as the spontaneous fantasies of defendants terrorized by torture and projected to satisfy the demands of their inquisitors, cannot be imposed as the compulsory starting point, the prerequisite, for valid research, least of all for the present paper. Any conclusion, of any nature whatsoever, must be duly demonstrated after a strict evaluation and verification of all the underlying evidence sine ira et studio, using all available sources capable of confirming or invalidating that evidence in a persuasive and cogent manner.

The present paper could not have been written without the advice, criticism, meetings and discussions with Dani Nissim, a long-time friend, who, in addition to his great experience as a bibliographer and bibliophile, made available to me his profound knowledge of the history of the Jewish community of the Veneto region, and of Padua in particular. The conclusions of this work are nevertheless mine alone, and I have no doubt that that the above named persons would very largely disagree with them. I have engaged in lengthy discussions of the chapters on the Jews of Venice with Reiny Mueller, over the course of which I was given highly useful suggestions and priceless advice. Thanks are also due to the following persons for their assistance in the retrieval of the archival and literary documentation; for their encouragement and criticism, to Diego Quaglioni; Gian Maria Varanini; Rachele Scuro; Miriam Davide; Elliot Horowitz; Judith Dishon; Boris Kotlerman and Ita Dreyfus.

Grateful thanks are also due to those of my students who participated actively in my seminars on the topic, held at the Department of Jewish History at Bar-Ilan University (2001-2002 and 2005-2006), during which I presented the provisional results of my research. First and foremost, however, I wish to thank Ugo Berti, who persuaded me to undertake this difficult task, giving me the courage to overcome the many foreseeable obstacles which stood in the way.

The complete English translation of Blood Passover by Dr. Ariel Toaff can be found at the link below.

Blood Passover

Passover begins at sundown on Wednesday April 8, 2009 and ends at nightfall on Thursday April 16, 2009.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Georgia Ranked 12th Most Dangerous State Based On 2007 Crime Statistics

Decatur, GA
CQ Press issued its "Crime State Ranking 2009" report last month showing Georgia to be the 12th most dangerous state to live in based on the FBI's Uniform Crime Report for 2007, the most recent statistics available. The state has moved up 7 places, from its spot as 19th in the rankings since the last report.

Researchers working on the Crime Across America report used statistics reported by local jurisdictions involving six crime categories including murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft in their analysis and scored each state against a national average.

Georgia ranked in the top 10 in at the categories of murder, rape and motor vehicle theft. However, academics and police officials have disagreed with the rankings and attempted to dispel the validity of the report.

"I would be polite," says Robert Friedmann, criminal justice professor at Georgia State, "and just comment that the methodology of that data is severely flawed. I think what they are doing is using zip codes."

Frank V. Rotondo, executive director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, says numbers alone paint an incomplete picture.

"Everybody will interpret the data in the way they want to," he says. "If they’re not happy, they might say cops are writing too many traffic tickets and not arresting enough people. People who support law enforcement might say differently."

The report was compiled by Scott and Kathleen O’Leary Morgan. A spokesman for the researchers, Ben Krasney says, "The numbers in the book are a starting point, a reference point for further research".

Burrell Ellis, Dekalb County Georgia's newly elected CEO, spoke about rampant crime in that county during his State of Dekalb County Address in February, saying "When it comes to public safety, the current state of DeKalb County is unacceptable. We are not safe".

"Crime continues to rise and many of the crimes committed are of a violent nature.", Ellis said. "Too many of our senior citizens live in fear. Families are concerned about home invasions, which are occurring when they are away and sometimes when they are at home in the shower, around the dinner table and even when they are in their beds asleep. This is unacceptable."

Crime in that part of the state has also had an adverse effect on business owners and educational institutions.

Ellis told citizens, "...Businesses are concerned that when they close their doors for the evening, they will find in the morning that they have become the latest targets and victims of burglary."

"Students who have chosen to pursue education at one of our institutions cannot walk to and from their cars, or go to dinner or a movie without the fear of being approached by someone who points a gun in their face and tells them to ‘Give it up.’ This is unacceptable." said Ellis.

Ellis' remarks came just days after ordering former police chief Terrell Bolton to go on administrative leave pending an investigation into Bolton's conduct while serving as chief of the county's police department. Bolton has since been terminated from that position.

The Good German Of Nanking

The Good Nazi?

German Films Delve into Difficult History

By Lars-Olav Beier

The biopic genre is booming and new screen epics are in the works to celebrate a host of German icons. This week "John Rabe", a film about a Nazi who saved tens of thousands of lives, opened in cinemas across the country.

He looks anxiously at the sky, watching the low-flying fighter planes drop their bombs into the fleeing crowd. It is December 1937, and German businessman John Rabe, the representative of the Siemens Group in the eastern Chinese city of Nanking, is witnessing Japanese fighter pilots as they attack the company's facility there, killing helpless civilians.

In that moment of despair, he suddenly has an idea. Rabe, a long-standing member of the Nazi Party, quickly orders his workers to unfurl an enormous swastika flag that the party had sent to him in China. Then Rabe and large numbers of Chinese crouch under the flag. The ruse works, and the Japanese, allied with the Germans, call off the attack.

The German-Chinese-French co-production, which cost €15 million ($20 million) to make, opened in German theaters this week. The film dives head first into sensitive territory. It is a heroic epic about a Nazi, albeit not a particularly fanatical one, who, driven by circumstance, reluctantly ends up saving the lives of innocent citizens. This is the sort of subject only American directors have taken on in the past, most notably with Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning film "Schindler's List" in 1993. In German movie theaters, however, the concept of the "good Nazi" has always been taboo.

Continued at Der Spiegel.

Former Sheriff's Deputy Jumps Bond On Murder Charges

Decatur, GA
The Dekalb County Fugitive Squad is searching for a former policeman who jumped bond while awaiting trial on charges that he murdered his wife and a day laborer in 2008.

Former Dekalb County Sheriff's Deputy Derrick Yancey was out of jail under a $150,000 bond and under house arrest when he cut off an electronic monitoring device on Friday and disappeared from his mother's Clayton County home.

According to sheriff's department spokesperson Lt. Billi Akins, Yancey had been staying at his mother and stepfather’s home in Jonesboro awaiting an undetermined trial date and was last seen there Friday night.

“He was an electronic monitor and was restricted to the house,” Akins said late Saturday night. “We received info that he cut the bracelet off and left his residence.”

Yancey, 49, was indicted in August of last year when he was accused in the June 2008 double murder of his 44 year old wife, Linda Yancey and a day laborer, Marcial Puluc. Linda Yancey was also an officer on the Dekalb County police force.

Yancey claimed that he had shot Puluc after discovering that the 20 year old day laborer had killed his wife. Investigators said lab tests showed Yancey shot both victims.

Police say the fugitive should be considered armed and dangerous.

If you have information about where Yancey may be, please call the DeKalb County Sheriffs Fugitive Squad at (404) 298-8200.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Essay By Jayne Gardener

Shame On Us

By Jayne Gardener

"Our healthy shame is essential as the ground of our spirituality. By signaling us of our essential limitations, our healthy shame lets us know that we are not God. Our healthy shame points us in the direction of some larger meaning. It lets us know that there is something or someone greater than ourselves. Our healthy shame is the psychological ground of our humility.".....John Bradshaw

The other day I was having a conversation with a woman in her early twenties who was bemoaning the fact that the father of her children, whom she never married, was apparently not interested in paying child support to her as the custodial parent, nor was he in the habit of spending time with his young daughters.

Now, to add insult to injury, she knew he was a deadbeat before she became pregnant with the second child which begs the question as to why she would produce a second child with a man who was obviously completely disinterested in his own progeny and was not willing to step up to the plate financially in order to take provide for them.

When I suggested that it would probably have been better for all concerned if she had waited to have children until she had met and married the man of her dreams she immediately took offense and told me in no uncertain terms that she was not about to be ashamed of the fact that she had two children out of wedlock.

And there you have it.

Whatever happened to shame in our society? The dictionary defines shame as "the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another."

I distinctly remember feeling shame as a child whenever I did something that violated the moral code that my parents and my church instilled in me. While it wasn't a good feeling, it certainly made me promise myself to not repeat the behavior and thus avoid having to feel the shame.

These days, however, it seems like shame is missing from our society. People engage in all types of what should be shame-producing behavior but either don't feel, or fail to accept, their feelings of shame or guilt.

I think that to at least some degree, we can lay this phenomena at the feet of Jewish supremacists who have engaged in an endless campaign to degrade and subvert our Christian, white European heritage. They were behind the "if it feels good do it" mentality of the "me" generation who gleefully departed from the cultural norms set down by previous generations.

To get back to the young women with two illegitimate children, where did she get the idea that it was okay to produce children without benefit of clergy? Was it from her parents? I very much doubt it.

Perhaps it came about because, for the past 40 years or so, Jewish-controlled Hollywood has deluged us with more than ample examples of "alternate lifestyles" both in the movies and in the personal lives of many of the so-called stars. These people made illegitimacy not only acceptable, but fashionable, as we can easily confirm by our nation's illegitimacy rates.

Jewish influence in our culture has been both pervasive and destructive. There is no "Judeo-Christian" value system; the two are poles apart. While our heritage is one of beauty, and respect and the glorification of the human spirit, theirs is ugly, degrading and perverse.

"There is a huge gap between us (Jews) and our enemies ­not just in ability but in morality, culture, sanctity of life, and conscience." [1]

This is evident as we see how destructive the Jewish influence has been, not only in our morality and culture but in the way we view the value of human life. The U.S. has an out of control abortion rate and is well on its way to allowing euthanasia. Marriage is disrespected, children are devalued and our heritage and traditional moral values are being mocked or dispensed with entirely.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the black community where the illegitimacy rate is an astounding 70%. Do these minority women feel ashamed of themselves? It certainly doesn't appear to be the case, since they continue to do it and almost seem to take a perverse pride in it.

Witness some of these women who appear on one of the frequent Maury Povich "Who's My Babydaddy?" shows where mostly minority women request multiple DNA tests to determine their child's paternity. I don't know about the rest of you, but if I couldn't nail down the paternity of my children to one man, I would most definitely be overwhelmed by shameful feelings.

The proliferation of pornography and the increasing number of people who make it a regular and routine part of their lives should also be of concern to us. Most of the movers and shakers behind the pornography industry as well as most of those who make their livings in said industry are and always have been, Jewish.

Pornographic movies, DVDs, magazines are produced in ever greater numbers and the availability of endless varieties of pornographic images on the internet has made it easier than ever for people to view it. It has also simplified things for those twisted individuals who are sexually aroused by child pornography, creating a whole new breed of police personnel who spend their days trying to entrap and remove from our society those who would abuse and exploit the most innocent among us. Do any of these individuals feel shame? I think the answer to that is patently obvious and sadly, no.

I can single out the gay community for being perhaps the most shameless of societal groups, hiding under a banner of "pride" to display naked body parts and lewd behavior in public while asking us to not only accept but glorify their perverse sexual leanings and disgusting acts. Not only do they want tolerance for their depravity, they want us to legalize it and sanction it as just another innocuous lifestyle by allowing them to marry. Is it any surprise that the majority of leaders in the radical homosexual movement guessed it.....supremacist Jews?

Jewish supremacists have an unhealthy interest in scatology, as is demonstrated by this article on the News From The West blogsite. ( There are many examples of their seeming obsession with all things related to defecation, including an movie entitled Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights which amply demonstrates Sandler's "inexplicable fascination with defecation, flatulence and bodily fluids." I think we can probably agree that most of us grow out of a desire to tell scatological jokes by the time we turn ten.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. Just look at our crime rates. It is nothing short of appalling that we have to put up with people who feel entitled to steal from others or to commit the ultimate crime, the taking of another person's life. Where is our moral compass? Night after night on the news we are witness to horrific crimes by monsters who have no business being allowed to live in our society, or perhaps, even to live.

We all saw the brutal beating of Reginald Denny during the '92 riots in Los Angeles by black youths who were dancing and high-fiving each other for having beaten another human being to within an inch of his life. We see the robberies, the burglaries, the car-jackings.

The liberal mentality will blame it on rough childhoods and poor socio-economic standards. I'll place the blame where it belongs, on families which were not willing or not able to provide their children with a sense of right and wrong or the ability to feel shame when they act out against other people or their property.

Perhaps we should place the blame on the Jewish supremacists among us who have encouraged wide open immigration policies and race-mixing which have been the largest reason for the increase in crime. When 13% of the population commit a staggering 65% or so of the crime we have to deal with it is no wonder that whites are fleeing increasingly black neighborhoods in droves. Maybe it is the Zionist Jews who should be feeling the shame for making this inevitable.

The Jewish-inspired immigration policies and their support and encouragement of miscegenation is destroying us. Multiculturalism and tolerance are the buzzwords of the day as we sit by and allow our once great country to be destroyed from within by a parasitic "race" that knows nothing but surviving on the labors of others while bringing about the utter destruction of their host country's heritage and traditions.

"Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and law." [2]

They debase and degrade our culture in every way possible, brainwashing our young, degrading our art, littering the landscape with hideous architecture and subjecting us to endless depravity and unwholesome images in all forms of entertainment. Our educational system was completely taken over by Fabian socialists seeking to dumb us down and make us non-cognizant of their concerted effort to provide our children with a poor education while preparing them to be good citizens in a global world.

Sadly, they have been very successful in this endeavor. Failure to avail oneself of an education is viewed by many with pride, not shame. Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer star David Beckham and a member of the singing group The Spice Girls once proclaimed publicly:

"I haven't read a book in my life," the ex-Spice Girl has told a Spanish journalist. "I haven't got enough time. I prefer to listen to music, although I do love fashion magazines."

I can't imagine never having read a book and even if that were the case I would never admit it aloud, especially in a magazine. Why? Because I'd be ashamed of myself, of course. Apparently "Posh Spice" is either incapable of shame or doesn't feel that rejecting the pleasures of reading a book should be something worthy of it.

This feeling is obviously shared by many when you look at the failures of our public school system which churns out an endless number of functional illiterates, graduates completely incapable of filling out a job application or the forms required to do day-to-day banking.

Our educational system was long since hijacked by the Jewish-inspired Fabian socialists who have created a system by which children are not educated but indoctrinated, preparing them to be global citizens when these monsters are finally able to realize their long-awaited goal of a one world government.

The Zionist Jews are working towards this goal and having been amazingly successful in pulling it off without the majority of people even understanding what is being done to them or by whom. The EU, the UN, the World Bank and the IMF are all steps towards their global control of us all. They will be the rulers and we will be the ruled. They are an insatiable breed, accepting nothing short of our complete capitulation and subjugation.

"We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." [3]

They have never been able to create a culture of their own, they are a parasitic race who take and give nothing in return. They indebt us to them, they control what we read, what we watch on television, what we see at the movies. They hide our history from us, sanitizing it to erase their role in the carnage. We are the goyim, nothing more than cattle to be herded and made to do their bidding while they shamelessly create great wealth and power for themselves at our expense. They brainwash us into accepting their sick agenda, going along the path to our total destruction like lemmings to the cliff and erasing our ability to feel shame in the process, convincing us that up is down, black is white, left is right.

Shame has become so lacking in our culture that we have children acting out sexually at much earlier ages. Stories abound of middle school kids engaging in oral sex with classmates while pregnancies among very young teens are happening in such numbers that we, as a society, should be very concerned. The Jewish-controlled media has made everything about sex sells, as the saying goes.

Living near several schools, I see young girls walking to school who are dressed more appropriately for standing on street corners looking for "dates." Where are their mothers, you ask?" Well, they have been brainwashed by the Jewish harridans in the feminist movement to believe that their place is in the workplace not at home taking care of their homes and their children where they belong.

Yes, I said it. Where they belong. If women are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary in order to take proper care of their children then perhaps they should refrain from having them. The ONLY reason that daycare is pushed so hard in our society is so that the globalist elite can get their hands on our kids even younger and begin their indoctrination before they can read....or walk, for that matter.

The one world government is in the making. Every step they take or have taken is towards that end. They have seized control of our media, our money, our government and our children. We are not allowed to protest our destruction because of their hate crime legislation that only seeks to silence those who would oppose them. Jewish-created socialism has slowly crept into the very fabric of our society, leaving nothing but destruction and devastation and poverty of spirit in its wake as they drive us closer to their goal of a one world government under their totalitarian control.

"We will have a world government whether you like it or not.. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." [4]

They control our educational system and brainwash us into believing that a mother's best option is to put her very young children into the care of the state while she enters the workforce, not only hurting children but the mothers as well.

I have often had conversations with female acquaintances regarding working mothers versus stay at home moms and it usually boils down to working mothers working out of want, not necessity. Ask any mother if she feels guilt over leaving her child in the care of others and I bet 99% of the time she will answer in the affirmative because she is ashamed that she has neglected her role as a mother, but not so ashamed that she's willing to sacrifice her job for the welfare of her kids because she has been taught by the radical feminist movement that the workplace is where she belongs. I'm sorry, Hillary, but with all due respect, it doesn't take a village to raise a child; that is simply your communist brainwashing. It takes two loving and devoted parents, period.

We must protect our children from the obscene and the profane in our everyday lives. Art was once something beautiful and soul-enhancing, now it has become obscene, dirty and depraved.

We have gone from the exquisite perfection of Botticelli, Monet, Gauguin and Renoir to splashing menstrual blood on a canvas and calling it "art.( It's not art and no one will ever convince me otherwise. It is the Jewish supremacists among us who have taken art and made it into something offensive and nasty, mostly to offend our Christian sensibilities and trash our moral values.

Despite the fact that I am no longer a practicing Christian, I am still deeply offended by any artist who would place a crucifix in a container of urine and try to pass it off as art. Have they no shame? Obviously not.

There is no end to the means by which they seek to destroy us. They have taken over our government, our media, our educational system and our families. The have pushed wide open immigration policies and convinced us that multiculturalism and race-mixing are good for us while the truth is to the contrary.

"We were also those who, for the first time, made major efforts to explain to the people a danger that had crept up on us, and which millions of people did not recognize, even though it threatened to ruin us all: the danger of the Jews." [5]

The Jews have kept us at perpetual war in the name of perpetual peace, the latest being the current debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan. The have pushed socialism on us by gradualism under the guise of liberalism, creating a society where the non-productive are supported by the productive.

There is no longer any shame to government dependence when there should be. We are a society that feels entitled in the sense that we want the government to solve all our problems and protect us from the consequences of our own behavior, essentially requiring the government to be both mother and father.

Welfare recipients, especially those of the multi-generational variety seem to show a remarkable lack of shame over taking from the productive among us. While I have no problem with those who use welfare for the short term or those who are unable to work because of mental or physical infirmity, but we all know there are a great many people who suck from the public teat simply because they are unwilling to work.

This mindset is then passed on to the next generation who think the rest of us owe them a living. When I was growing up, my father worked hard but didn't make a great deal of money. Sometimes things were tight but we made do or did without. There was never a thought that someone owed us anything or that it wasn't up to us to work harder or make more sacrifices. My father was a very proud man and would have felt unendurable shame if he'd had to turn to the government to provide for his family.

The problem is pandemic, and if we are going to put an end to this degradation of our culture and our values we are going to have to embrace shame as our society once did. We should heap societal condemnation and revulsion on people when they act outside of generally accepted morals and values.

We should condemn women who have children outside of marriage. We should heap shame on those who are capable of holding a job and choose not to. We should condemn rapists, and robbers and pedophiles in the harshest terms possible. We should speak out against pornography and peep shows in our communities and shun those who profit from it. We should refuse to pander to artists who only want to shock and offend.

We should, however, reserve most of our condemnation for the Jewish supremacists among us whose entire raison d'etre has been to degrade our culture, trash our history and our heritage and suck the very lifeblood from us for their selfish and self-serving ends.

They are the parasites living among us, creating debt and war and social unrest that is bringing this once great country to its knees. It is they who deserve our harshest opprobrium. They should look at the results of their heinous and calculating destruction and feel the deepest of shame at the very cores of their collective being. They will settle for nothing less than our total subjugation.

"The Jew will not spare us." [6]

We are doomed as a society unless we can break free of our Zionist masters whose every action is meant to move us ever closer to our own downfall as a society. Our own blindness has allowed them to wreak havoc on us through radical social movements, complete control of our government and by destroying us financially via their Federal Reserve System.

We must not allow them to think they can act in ways which are detrimental to society with impunity. We need to stand up for ourselves, fight back, speak out and dissent. We must find our moral compass once again, return to traditional values and morality, strengthen the family, our institutions and our country.

It is axiomatic that if we tolerate the intolerable it is more than likely that we will get more people doing it but if we condemn the intolerable, people will very likely become more circumspect in their behavior.

We have the right to take back our country and our values, to protect our young and to respect our European heritage and Christian values.

As I said at the beginning of this piece, it is not in anyone's best interests for us to go against the traditions and values that once made this country great. It is not good for women to have children out of wedlock. It's not in her best interests, nor is it in the best interests of her children. So perhaps a little shame entered into the equation would make women less likely to make such a choice. Shame can be a great inducement to behave more responsibly in the future. Without it, we won't ever learn from our mistakes.

If we fail to resurrect shame, the shame will be on us.

[1] Israeli president Moshe Katsav. The Jerusalem Post, May 10, 2001

[2] Michael Ledeen

[3] You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuel, p. 155).

[4] Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950

[5] Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

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