Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Snowing In Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
Most of northern Georgia, including metro-Atlanta, was blanketed by snow this afternoon and into the early evening. It's the first snow of 2008 and the first we've seen in the Atlanta area in awhile.

Many churches canceled services tonight and many schools in the extreme northern region of the state have announced closings for tomorrow.

County work crews are preparing to clear roads as the snow is expected to turn to sleet and freezing rain overnight and through the early morning hours. Most people here aren't used to this type of weather. The roads can be a very dangerous place.

Accused Pedophile, Christian Sex Cult Leader Pleads Guilty To Perjury

Decatur, GA
A Decatur Pentecostal mega-church leader, Earl Paulk turned himself in to police Tuesday evening after an arrest warrant was issued for him concerning false testimony he gave during a deposition related to a civil lawsuit filed by a former church employee.

Paulk, 80, is the Archbishop of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur and is accused of numerous counts of sexual misconduct with women and children within the church and his immediate family.

The perjury charge stemmed from testimony given by Paulk which indicated that he had only had sex with one woman outside his marriage, a church member, Mrs.Mona Brewer. Paulk's testimony was later proven false when up to eight other women came forward with accounts of sexual abuse at the hands of the Archbishop.

Among the women speaking out are Paulk's daughter and granddaughter who claim that for years Paulk had abused the granddaughter and other children connected to the church. Last year DNA tests confirmed that Paulk is also the actual father of his brother's adult son, D.E. Paulk who is an official within the church.

After pleading guilty to the felony charge in a Cobb County Magistrate Court, Paulk was sentenced to 10 years probation and a $1,000.00 fine.

Fox News interview with Earl Paulk's daughter:

Fox News interview with Earl Paulk's granddaughter:

Black Culture Or Indecent Exposure... Cries Of "Racism" Regarding Proposed Law Banning Sagging Pants

Atlanta, GA
Metro area negroes crowded into a recent Atlanta City Council meeting to voice belligerent opinions and contempt for a proposed amendment that would make "sagging pants" a crime.

Some asserted that the amendment is "racist" apparently based on the fact that sagging pants are a part of "black culture", because White people don't wear their pants that way. LOL.

Some call it a fashion trend and a cultural expression, others say it's simply indecent exposure.
The Atlanta City Council heard more public comments Wednesday night over a controversial amendment to ban baggy pants in Atlanta.

For Chris Franklin, it’s a cultural image, a strong statement, an undeniable part of his identity.

“Cause I’ve been doing it for so long, like for so long. I ain't going to stop sagging my pants cause they made a law. I'm still going to sag my pants, you know,” said Franklin. “It's just natural. The black culture do it - everybody you see. Most everybody from the black culture you're going to see them sag their pants.”

But it's a reflection of hip-hop and what Franklin and his friends call "the black culture," which could make them criminals under a proposed amendment of Atlanta's indecency laws.

One city council member says what's on display is not a matter of culture or self-expression, but one of indecent exposure and destructive self image.

“It is ridiculous, so disrespectful, so unnecessary because many of these same people don't have enough money to go to college. You know we say 'heads up, pants up, grades up,'” said Atlanta City Councilman for District 10 C.T. Martin, who sponsored the amendment. “Why are you doing that, when the majority of people in the world are not walking around with their underwear showing?”

Councilman Martin says the proposed penalty for not covering up was recently downgraded from paying a fine to doing community service. But the ACLU calls it a discriminatory "dress code," one that critics and Chris say targets the black youth culture.

“It might be a racist thing because I don't see no white people sagging their pants, because they have their pants up, right here, to above their stomach. They might have it way up here you know,” said Franklin, motioning to his stomach. “But black culture they ain't going to have their pants way up here that ain't something you can make a black person do, pull up their pants. They ain't going to listen to ya'll. They're not going to listen.”

And it's an image, a statement, and an identity, Franklin says he's going to keep wearing.

The City Council's Public Safety committee has not determined how much community service violators would have to serve. Councilman Martin expects the City Council to vote on the proposal at the end of February.

Original story here.

Gwinnett County Sheriff Can't Enforce Immigration Laws

Lawrenceville, GA
Despite pleas from the County Commission, Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway declares he doen't have the manpower to combat the flood of illegals into the growing metro-Atlanta county.


The Gwinnett County Commission chairman wants the sheriff's department to begin enforcing federal immigration laws.

Chairman Charles Bannister is calling for Sheriff Butch Conway to sign up for a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement program that trains deputies to start deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants booked into the jail.

In 2007, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren became the first sheriff in Georgia to initiate the ICE program. A spokeswoman for ICE, Pat Reilly, said Whitfield County in north Georgia will begin training deputies this month.

Conway said he doesn't have the resources to designate the five or six deputies needed for the task. He said Wednesday his department had 60 deputy vacancies last year. Conway said commissioners denied a request for more than 40 additional deputies in 2008 because of budget constraints...

Story continued here.

SCLC Hasn't Filed Tax Report In Three Years

Atlanta, GA
The Associated Press reports that the Atlanta based Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a group founded by communist agitators following the civil rights protests in the 1960s, has failed to file required financial reports with the Internal Revenue Service since 2005.


The Southern Christian Leadership Conference said it will catch up on submitting financial reports to the Internal Revenue Service.

The agency said the civil rights group hasn't filed a report for nearly three years.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the lag in Monday's edition, the day before what would have been Martin Luther King Jr.'s 79th birthday. King co-founded the SCLC in 1957.

The IRS nonprofit hot line said the SCLC has not filed a financial report with the IRS since February 2005. Nonprofit organizations such as the SCLC are required to file such reports annually to account for donations.

The SCLC has raised more than $6 million since President Charles Steele took office three years ago.

Steele said Monday that the SCLC would file the late documents within 45 days and make those reports available to the public.

The group had unpaid employee taxes totaling tens of thousands of dollars in 2004, an issue Steele said has been resolved. Steele said the organization currently has an annual operating budget of between $1.2 million and $1.5 million, and that he hopes to raise the budget to $5 million.

Tennessee Footballer "Pacman" Jones Gets Away With Smacking Up Lawyer In Atlanta Strip Club

Atlanta, GA
A female attorney who had accused Tennessee Titians footballer Adam "Pacman" Jones of punching her in the eye at an Atlanta strip club in early January has dropped charges against the suspended NFL cornerback, just a month after Jones plead no contest to disorderly conduct charges stemming from a 2007 Las Vegas strip club shooting that left one man paralyzed.

Attorney Wanda Jackson has withdrawn her petition for Jones' arrest. The incident supposedly happened on January 3rd in the office of the Body Tap strip club during a confrontation between Jones and the owners of the club, who Jones had accused of stealing money and jewelry from him.

Jackson had claimed that Jones "sucker punched" her as she watched this confrontation. News agencies were unable to contact her for comments.

Jones has been arrested at least six times since 2005, including two arrests involving violent incidents in Atlanta.

Woman Attacks Police Officer In Athens Grocery Store

Athens, GA
An Athens area Kroger store has been the scene of yet another assault against a police officer, the second such assault in just over a month. In December 2007, a man attacked and stabbed Sgt. Courtney Gale, who still remains hospitalized.

In the second attack a woman, Shakeena Davis, attacked Officer Charles Snyder and wrestled away his firearm before being pepper sprayed by the policeman. Both were taken to area hospitals for evaluation.

A woman grabbed an Athens police officer's handgun during a scuffle at the same grocery store where another officer was stabbed last month, police said.

Lt. Mike Tyndell said Officer Charles Snyder's injuries in the attack about 7 p.m. Monday at the Kroger store are not believed to be serious. Tyndell said the off-duty officer was working in uniform as a store security guard and approached a woman identified as Shakeena Davis of Athens, after someone told him the woman was wanted on felony warrants.

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