Thursday, October 9, 2008

European Culture Revisited At Stone Mountain Park October 17th - 19th

Stone Mountain, GA
Many Georgians will be honoring their proud Scottish heritage next week as the 36th Annual Stone Mountain Highland Games come to Stone Mountain Park. The festival begins on Friday October 17th and runs through Sunday October 19th, with most activities taking place at the park's meadow grounds.

Popular attractions are Scottish dancing, music, storytelling and arts and crafts. The Athletics competitions will include the Caber Toss, the Stone Put, the 56 pound Weight Toss (for height), the 22 pound Hammer Throw (for distance) and other traditional Scottish favorites.

The celebration starts with a Whisky Tasting and Seminar on Friday (Oct. 17) afternoon followed later that evening by the Invitational Piping Competition featuring professional and amateur pipers from the southeastern United States.

Saturday's (Oct 18) events include the beginning of the Highland Games with the Professional Athletics competition, the Highland Dancing contest, the Solo Piping and Drumming competition and the annual Pipe Band contest. Later in the evening Alex Beaton and Smithfield Fair will host the Scottish Musical Evening at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast.

The festivities continue on Sunday (Oct 19) with the Amateur Athletics competition, Highland Dancing, Pipe Band performances, a Herding Dogs exhibition and demonstrations of the ancient art of Falconry. The final event will be Sunday evening's Parade of Tartans, featuring members of over 100 clans.

The festival's Clan Row will have tents sponsored by the Clan Graham Society, the Clan Henderson Society, the Clan Lamont Society NA, the Clan Wallace Society Worldwide, the Clan MacPherson Society USA, the Clan MacFarlane Society, the Burns Club of Atlanta, the National Trust for Scotland, the Scottish Tartans Museum, the Saint Andrews Society of Atlanta, Scottish Heritage USA and many others.

Ticket prices and more information can be found at the Stone Mountain Highland Games website.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Remarkable Patrick Grimm Returns

After a four and a half month hiatus, Zionist Watch essayist Patrick Grimm returns with sensational new essay submissions. Welcome back Patrick!

My Quest Remains The Same

By Patrick Grimm

During the last four and a half months while I have been away from the work of Zionist Watch, many things have happened. I have starred in two different plays, acquired a new job, have begun dating a wonderful new woman who is also involved in this cause and I have also had several kidney stones, one of which required surgery to break up. So many terrible things have been wrought by the Jewish supremacists since I stepped away from my job as an essayist and I will try my best to touch on many of them while giving my own insights and thoughts on these outrages and abuses.

Jewish supremacism is a worldwide global disease of opportunism by a band of Jewish psychopaths who have conned their way into positions of control, influence and dominion over the rest of us. What chagrins me most is the fact that the American and European people still seem frozen in their thought processes and ability to identify the menace behind the economic collapse, the illegal immigrant invasion of white nations and the new wars just on the horizon, the Russia/Georgia conflict being only one recent contemporary example.

My job is clear. I must labor on in my quest and that quest has remained the same since the day I wrote my first essay. That quest rests on the pillars of truth-telling and honesty. Exposure is my goal and my purpose in penning my numerous bromides against the criminal network working through the religion of Judaism. This network is well-oiled and carefully organized, their synchronized machine honed and perfected to a smooth-running instrument of destruction. It is my job and the job of every anti-Zionist in every nation, of every race, religion and creed to bring to the fore the facts of this Tribe of miscreant thieves, usurpers and subverters, these purloiners of every form of higher life, higher thought and higher values. Hanging in the balance is our survival, for our demise is surely the intent of Big Jewry and all those people and groups who pledge allegiance to its precepts of death.

Yes, I am glad to be back. I am happy for the new advancements and positive circumstances in my own life, but I am committed to defeating Zionism and Jewish supremacism. We all must do what we are able to do to bring to light the works of those who yearn for nothing more than a world of slavery with a population of chattel serving their whims and perceived needs. Stand with me. If you can write, then write with all your heart. If you can create videos, then use your technological skill. If you can orate, then speak with passion and conviction and tell the horrible truth to the benighted. We all must do what we do best. I am doing exactly that.

Don't miss Patrick's latest essay The Savage Nature of Big Jewry.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cobb County Commissioner Accused Of Bouncing Checks To VooDoo Priestess

Marietta, GA
A voodoo priestess in South Carolina claims that Cobb County Commissioner Annette Kesting sought her help in defeating political opponent, and paid for the services with bad checks.

George Ann Mills of Blythewood, SC says that Kesting approached her in August and paid for a "voodoo curse" to be placed on the Commissioner's Democratic opponent, Woody Thompson.

Mills claims Kesting asked if the voodoo priestess "saw cancer" in Thompson, and upon being told that Thompson looked healthy, Mills says Kesting asked "Is there anything you can do about this … give him cancer, or make him have an accident or something?"

Mills declined to cause illness or death to the unsuspecting Thompson, but says she accepted $3000.00 in the form of two checks from Kesting to "make trouble" for Thompson. The checks bounced and Mills says she later received two money orders from Kesting's husband for $1000.00 each.

“I kept a paper trail of everything,” Mills said. “I don’t think this would have ever come out if I had been paid.”

Kesting has denied the allegations, saying she knows nothing of the money orders, had not visited a witch doctor and doesn't know anyone in South Carolina. She also says that her cell phone provider has removed charges from her account for calls placed to her phone by Mills.

Woody Thompson defeated Kesting in an August run off election and will face Republican Barbara Hickey on Nov. 4 for the southwest Cobb County Commission seat.