Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jews Poison Young Minds With More 'Holocaust' Tripe Through Theater Troupe

Atlanta, GA
Georgia jewess Mira Hirsch, "artistic director" of the Jewish Theater of the South, is proud of the fact that her Project Impact Theater troupe is able to influence the minds of thousands of Georgia students with a 45 minute drama presentation which implies that all forms of prejudice, discrimination, bullying and apathy are related to the 'holocaust'.

Hirsch says the project is a community outreach program, however it is obviously nothing more than another 'holocaust' indoctrination scheme aimed at poisoning young minds with anti-White zionist venom. Georgia parents are urged to contact their local school systems and demand that these zionists be kept away from their children.

Controlled media story:
Bullying. Prejudice. Discrimination.

These are difficult topics usually broached by school counselors or administrators.

Yet there's a drama troupe of 12 teens that travels to metro Atlanta schools, with the specific mission of putting faces on the troubling realities of life.

The actors are part of Project Impact Theater, an outreach program of the Jewish Theater of the South.

"The mission of the show is to raise the consciousness level of our audience [middle and high school students] with a show that makes them consider their own behaviors and the behavior of others as they relate to prejudice, discrimination, bullying, apathy and how these things are related to the Holocaust," said Mira Hirsch, artistic director of the Jewish Theater of the South.

The 45-minute presentation consists of 13 short scenes presented through a variety of styles that is sure to reach each audience member. Some scenes use comedy while others are more serious.

Hirsch describes some as more stylized, or poetry based while others use music or simply dialogue.

"Sometimes I call it 'short attention span theater,' " said Hirsch.

"It really works for this target population of kids for a number of reasons. If one scene doesn't appeal or is in a style that doesn't match with a person's learning style, then here comes another scene."

Some of the themes draw analogies with prejudicial behaviors that happen now, and the same behaviors that preceded the Holocaust, which Hirsch said makes clear "the kind of destruction that hateful behavior can lead to."

Hirsch, who's been involved with Project Impact Theater for 13 years, hosts a 15-minute question-and-answer session after each show. Each production is performed by six actors.

"It's incredibly rewarding when kids come up to us individually and give us their feedback," she said. "Kids who've been bullied and picked on sort of rush to us like we're the first persons they've told."

Teens in the audience, watching teens portray difficult situations on stage, is part of what "works" about Project Impact Theater.

"This is something I'm really proud of," said Hirsch. "It's had a huge impact on thousands of students across North Georgia."

Teens Relate To Scenes On Bullying, Prejudice

Immigrants Busted In Cobb County Illegal Document Ring

Marietta, GA
Last week a federal grand jury indicted six illegal aliens and two so-called U.S. "citizens" on charges that they produced and distributed thousands of forged identification documents in an apartment at the Twelve Oaks complex in Marietta.

Illegal aliens Ricardo Quinones Cruz, 33; Allen Carmona, 21; Enrique Cristobal Martinez, 34; Ivan Raul Garcia, 40; Manuel Dozano Ortiz, 28; Juan Castillo, 36, as well as Cindy Salinas, 19; and Armando Nunez-Briseno, 29 were arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft.

Police confiscated computers, laminating machines, cards, printers, more than 1,000 passport-style photographs and over 200 documents purported to have been issued by the U.S. government from the apartment.

Authorities say that the documents were produced in the apartment on Austell Road and sold at the #1 Coin Laundry in Smyrna and at Juan's Tire Service in Marietta.

Local Mayor Fears Spill-Over Of Immigrant Violence

Lawrenceville, GA
Just weeks after the the city of Snellville began to impose legal restrictions to quell gang violence resulting from the large influx of immigrants and minorities flooding into Gwinnett County, the mayor of a nearby city is afraid that the perpetrators of these violent crimes will migrate to his city after being ran out of Snellville.

Rex Millsaps, mayor of Lawrenceville, GA called for a meeting to discuss enacting laws similar to the anti-gang laws that were recently set forth in the neighboring community of Snellville, which now regulates minority housing in a effort to stop gangs of immigrants from further terrorizing the area. Millsaps hopes to have the laws in place before the summer.


Lawrenceville Mayor Rex Millsaps has called a special council meeting Wednesday to speed up enacting a proposed law to uproot gang members and stop others from setting up house.

The mayor was inspired by the passage of a law in Snellville this month that makes gang activity on a piece of property a code violation and allows the city to force landlords to evict gang members.

"When they displace them, I don't want them landing in Lawrenceville," Millsaps said.

The mayor wants the new law passed before summer when school-age gang members will have even more time on their hands. The law requires proposed laws to have a public reading at one council meeting before being voted on at a subsequent monthly meeting.

Gwinnett, like much of the suburbs, has seen a growth in criminal and teenage gangs, many of which have migrated here from other states, Central America and Mexico.

"Our police chief started seeing gang activity six months ago, and he was concerned because he had no way to get at these people," Snellville Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer said. "A lot of these landlords will rent to anyone who can come up with a deposit."

The Snellville law, on which the proposed Lawrenceville law is based, allows landlords to streamline eviction in civil court if at least three gang members are living together. Evidence to show they're gang members include gang paraphernalia, tattoos, graffiti and gang-related arrests.

"We can declare that a nuisance," Oberholtzer said.

The Snellville law arose from a case involving four brothers who were suspected of a being gang members and arrested in an investigation involving burglary, statutory rape and holding a teenage girl against her will. The family, who was evicted, has denied the charges. They had moved to Snellville after being evicted in another county, police said.

The Lawrenceville meeting is at 3 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

Controlled media article:

Lawrenceville Mayor Takes Que From Snellville Gang Law

Zionist Jews Attempt To Extort Egyptian Factory From Coca-Cola Company

New York, NY
The Zionist Organization of America, the oldest jewish terrorist lobby group in the United States, has issued a press release in an attempt to extort a Coca-Cola factory in Egypt from the Atlanta based beverage company.

The ZOA, which was founded in 1897 to propagate deviant jewish interests and promote zionist terrorism, claims the land on which the factory sits was wrongfully taken from jews in the early 1960s.

The beverage company began to show signs of weakness after repeated threats from the pro-jewish terrorist group and the zionists issued the following public extortion letter.

April 19, 2007

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Morton A. Klein, 212-481-1500

ZOA Calls Off Protest After Coke Agrees To Public Questioning And Negotiation

New York — The efforts of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) have triggered important new developments in the case of the Bigio family against the Coca-Cola Company. The Bigios -- a Jewish family that lived in Egypt and owned land and factories there since the early 1900's -- had their property forcibly stolen from them by the Egyptian government in 1962, in a campaign of anti-Semitism that caused almost one million Jews in Arab/Islamic countries to lose their homes, property and livelihoods. Since 1994, Coca-Cola has been using and occupying the Bigios' property, knowing full well of the immoral and anti-Semitic manner in which the property had been taken from them over 30 years before. The Bigios repeatedly appealed to Coke to compensate them for the company's use of their property. When the company refused, and when the Bigios' repeated efforts to obtain justice in Egypt proved futile, the family sued Coca-Cola in a New York federal court. The lawsuit has been pending for 10 years, the merits of the Bigios' claims still not having been reached because of Coca-Cola's legal maneuverings.

Learning of the Bigios' plight, the ZOA took action. Susan Tuchman, the Director of the ZOA's Center for Law and Justice, filed an amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief on behalf of the Bigio family in its lawsuit against Coca-Cola. The ZOA also publicly called for a boycott of Coca-Cola products until Coca-Cola reached a fair settlement with the Bigios. And, the ZOA planned a public demonstration at the annual meeting of Coke shareholders, which was scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, 2007, in Wilmington, Delaware. A sizeable number of protestors planned to demonstrate at the meeting to protest the company's actions toward the Bigios.

The day before the shareholders' meeting, two senior Coca-Cola officials contacted ZOA National President Morton A. Klein, to see what could be done to call off the protest. Coca-Cola agreed to permit Leonard Getz, a Coca-Cola shareholder and the ZOA's national vice president, to ask a question about Coca-Cola's treatment of the Bigios at the meeting. Mr. Getz had been so concerned about Coca-Cola's treatment of the Bigios that in December 2006, he submitted a shareholder proposal to Coke that he requested be included in the Company's proxy materials for the annual meeting. The proposal sought for Coca-Cola to "compensate the Bigio family fully and fairly for their loss, to correct the terrible injustice that this family has suffered." Although noting that the shareholder proposal satisfied all procedural requirements, Coca-Cola had nevertheless decided to exclude the proposal from its proxy materials, thus keeping the company's conduct toward the Bigios from being brought to shareholders' attention at the annual meeting. With the threat of a ZOA demonstration outside the shareholders' meeting, Coca-Cola promised that the ZOA's Getz would be permitted to ask a question about the Bigios' case at the meeting.

In addition, Coca-Cola agreed that within 48 hours, Coca-Cola senior officials would contact the Bigios' lead attorney -- renowned Washington, D.C. litigator Nathan Lewin -- to discuss the possibility of a fair and reasonable settlement with the Bigios. Until this agreement was reached on Tuesday, Coca-Cola had made no such overtures and has never offered the Bigios anything.

Coca-Cola fulfilled both commitments. With Morton Klein at his side, Leonard Getz raised the plight of the Bigios at the shareholders' meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at the Wilmington's Hotel du Pont. Mr. Getz asked the following question at the meeting, which was led by Coca-Cola's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, E. Neville Isdell:

Mr. Isdell, Coca Cola proudly labels itself as a concerned citizen of the world, and is guided by its own Code of Conduct, which emphasizes that the company must act in every instance with honesty, integrity, accountability and respect and never to engage in behavior that harms its reputation. "If you wouldn't want to read about it in the newspaper -- don't do it" -- such says your Code of Conduct. Yet for fourteen years, Coke has taken a path contrary to its own principles by knowingly occupying and financially benefiting from expropriated property -- that is, stolen property, taken from the Egyptian Jewish family of Raphael Bigio during an Egyptian Arab anti-Semitic campaign that took place in Egypt over 40 years ago, just about the time you started with Coca-Cola. Coke did business with the Bigio family since the 1930's. Coke knew and knows that the property belonged to the Bigios.

So why has Coke helped legitimize this theft? And why has Coke ignored the Bigios' rightful claim to be fairly compensated by Coca Cola for using the Bigio family's factory and land, even after a federal district court ruled that this case can be heard in a U.S. court? As a shareholder, as a fellow concerned citizen of the world, I would like to know how Coke plans to fairly compensate Raphael Bigio for the loss of his family's property on which Coca Cola is currently trespassing. Thank you.

Coca-Cola's Neville Isdell responded that since the company does not own the property that belonged to the Bigios (which had not been the ZOA's claim; Coke has been leasing the property from a government-owned entity, though knowing that the property had been stolen from the Bigios by the Egyptian government), this "really has to be a dispute between the property owner and the claimant" (i.e., the Bigio family). According to Mr. Isdell, "if there was anything more that we thought we would be able to do, we certainly would do it."

The day after the meeting, Coca-Cola officials held discussions as promised with the Bigios' attorney, Nathan Lewin. Additional discussions are expected.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein applauded these recent developments, and expressed his hope for a just settlement of the Bigios' claims, without further delay, so that this tragic case could finally be brought to a close. "We were heartened by Coca-Cola's decision to permit Len Getz to bring the Bigios' plight to the attention of shareholders at the annual meeting. And we are pleased that we were able to get Coca-Cola officials to finally communicate with the Bigios' attorney about the family's dispute with Coke. We've never claimed that Coca-Cola perpetrated the campaign of anti-Semitism that the Bigios were subjected to in Egypt, and that close to one million other Jews suffered in the Arab and Islamic countries in which they lived. We've also never claimed that Coca-Cola owns the property that belonged to the Bigios. But there's no doubt that Coke has been participating in and benefiting from Egypt's anti-Semitism campaign, by occupying and using property that the company knows full well was stolen from the Bigios by the Egyptian government for one reason only: the Bigios were Jews. Coca-Cola can easily right this shameful wrong, by reaching a fair settlement with the Bigio family as soon as possible.

"We were pleased that a large number of Coke board members attended the shareholders' meeting -- including Sam Nunn, the former U.S. Senator from Georgia, and Peter Ueberroth, the former Commissioner of Baseball -- who have now learned about the Bigios' longstanding problems with Coca-Cola. We hope that they will take action to resolve this tragic situation, quickly and fairly."

Original Zionist Press Release here:

ZOA Spurs Coca-Cola To Address Plight Of Jews Whose Property Was Stolen By Egypt

Insurance Rates Increase As Vehicle Theft Flourishes In High Minority Areas

Macon, GA
The Macon Telegraph reports that a study released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau earlier this week shows a rise in motor vehicle thefts in several minority ravaged areas of Georgia. The study is based on statistics for vehicle thefts per 100,000 people for each of the designated areas.

Ranking first in the state was Columbus, GA with 1,911 of the per capita thefts in 2006. Second is the Macon Metropolitan area with 1,230 of the total 1,323 thefts in 2006 occurring within the negro infested city of Macon. In third place is the Atlanta metro area, over-run with negroes, illegal immigrants, asians and assorted other undesirables, with 27,913 motor vehicle thefts last year. On a national scale, these three areas rank 23rd, 34th and 35th respectively.

David Colemans, executive director of the Georgia Insurance Information Service, said the rankings were developed by comparing a city's population to the number of vehicle thefts reported to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Georgia Insurance Information Service is a trade association representing property and casualty insurance companies, Colemans said.

He said the study is significant not only as a tool to help consumers understand how easy it is to become a victim of car theft, but also to inform consumers about trends that could affect insurance rates.

"Rates are based upon experiences of insurers over a period of time," Colemans said.

Original controlled media article here:
Macon MSA Second In State Auto Thefts

Georgia Group Sponsors Anti Illegal Immigration Rally In Washington

Washington, DC
Over 400 activists from across the nation gathered at Lafayette Square, in front of the White House last Sunday to protest the Bush Administration's weak immigration policies and to demand more security at our borders and stricter enforcement against employers who hire illegal immigrants. The demonstration was sponsored by the Dustin Inman Society, a Georgia based organization that opposes illegal immigration. "We are in a struggle to save the sovereignty of our nation, the price of losing is open borders and the loss of the republic", said the groups President, D.A. King.

"We certainly are a nation of immigrants" said U.S. Border Patrol Agent, T.J. Bonner, "But much more important, we are a nation of laws." Bonner added, "What's going on at the border is anarchy. Millions are crossing over, reaping our benefits, taking our jobs and the government isn't doing a damned thing about it."

Also speaking to the assembly was Anna Gaines, a hispanic woman who became a citizen after coming to the U.S. from Mexico in the 1960s. Gaines claims to oppose illegal immigration. "Anybody that comes [into the country] outside of the law does not make a good citizen, these are the same people who destroyed Mexico." she said.

A small group of around 25-30 counter-demonstrators, mostly members of communist based fringe groups A.N.S.W.E.R. and the International Socialists Organization, heckled the activists with shouts of "fascists", "racists" and "immigrants in - bigots out". The counter-demonstrators were kept under control by mounted U.S. Park Police.

The DIS, in conjunction with Federation For American Immigration Reform, has several additional anti illegal immigration events scheduled in Washington, DC through Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vanguard News Network Press Release: ADL Demands Apology From Juan Williams

Kirksville, MO
The Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder, National Director of the Aryan Defense League, has issued the following press release in response to comments made by negro commentator Juan Williams this past weekend on FoxNews Network's Geraldo At Large, regarding the brutal kidnapping, robbery, torture, rape and murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom by violent savages in Knoxville, Tennessee.


April 15, 2007

The Aryan Defense League today demanded that nationally known commentator Juan Williams retract his innuendo that Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were trying to buy drugs when they were carjacked by a gang of blacks, culminating in an exceptionally vicious double-rape/torture/murder.

“In the annals of attempted extenuations of black crime, Juan Williams has set a new low,” said National Director Alex Linder. “We demand that he retract his smear, and apologize to the relatives of victims Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, as well as to the White community.”

Linder and the community will lead a rally in honor of the slain White couple in Knoxville, Tennessee, on May 26, 2007, at 3 p.m. Specific location to be posted at the week of the rally. The general public is encouraged to attend.


Alex Linder
660 665 8210

Original Press Release here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Junior Monkey-Man Arrested In Gwinnett Crime Spree

Stone Mountain, GA
A young Stone Mountain negro has been arrested and is a suspect in a recent rash of crimes in Gwinnett County. Late yesterday Gwinnett police announced they had arrested the negro, 17 year old Darrian Bryant and charged him in 7 of 12 burglaries that occurred in a Stone Mountain neighborhood over the past three months.

Bryant, who is a resident of East Parke subdivision, the neighborhood in which these crimes occurred, is also a suspect in three violent crimes occurring in the same subdivision. These include the rape of a 15 year old girl as well as the violent beatings of two other women. Earlier today a judge in Gwinnett County denied bail for the young negro criminal.

The rape of a 15-year-old girl has had a Gwinnett County neighborhood on-edge. Members of the community met with police on Tuesday night, looking for answers and solutions.

Hundreds of people showed up to the meeting, saying they were not afraid to fight back.

More than 400 people packed the Mountain Park Elementary School cafeteria to get the latest on the police crackdown in the East Parke subdivision.

"What's sitting here is certainly every bit as valuable as any alarm system," said Gwinnett County Police Chief Charlie Waters.

Waters and others detailed a massive operation to respond to the surge in violence and crime. They also announced results -- the arrest of 17-year-old Darrian Bryant, charged with seven counts of burglary in the neighborhood. He also lives in the East Parke subdivision.

A string of 12 burglaries and three attacks over the last few months has neighbors on edge.

(Controlled Media story continued here)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Black Violence Hits CNN Center

Atlanta, GA
Gunfire broke out in Atlanta's CNN Center this afternoon as a negro "domestic violence" incident spilled over into the atrium at the center. Just before 2pm an unidentified black male entered the complex and went to the Omni Hotel, where he grabbed a female hotel employee by the hair and pulled her down an escalator near the entrance to the CNN Center. Witnesses say he then shot the woman in the face. CNN Center security guards then cornered and shot the negro near the food court after he refused to put down his weapon. It is believed that the negroes involved were a couple and that this is a case of "domestic violence".

Immediately following the shooting police cordoned off the escalators near the main entrance and CNN's Internet offices, the atrium and food court were evacuated. The woman was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead a little after 2pm. The shooter was taken into surgery at the same hospital a short time later and is in critical condition.

Controlled Media articles related to this story:
One Dead After Shooting At CNN Center

Atlanta Hates White People, But That's OK

Atlanta, GA
White police officers and citizens in the city of Atlanta are outraged by the blatant anti-White message of hate disguised as artwork being displayed at City Hall East and the refusal of city officials to remove it from the City Hall.

The "artwork", titled "Formula For Hatred", which was concocted by a hispanic man, Alvaro Allivar, consists of a group of 32 American flags with what appears to be jumbled letters imposed across the flags. The letters actually read, "Politically it's OK to hate the White man". Another hidden message in the piece asks, "Is it OK for me to hate if I've been a victim?"

"It's made to make you think about politically, is it okay to hate the white man -- whatever your skin color is," said the racist latino "artist".

"The message itself is a hate message" said union police rep Ken Allen.

Two White police officers have filed formal complaints about the disturbing message being displayed in their place of employment. City officials have refused to remove the anti-White propaganda from the government building. The matter may go as far as the EEOC, as it violates federal law regarding discrimination in the workplace.

Racist latino "artist", Alvaro Allivar

Controlled Media article related to this story:
Cops Demand Removal Of Racist Art

Mexican Family Values Rear Ugly Head In Georgia

Canton, GA
At about 11:30am last Sunday morning a landlord in Canton entered a Brookside Court rental condo and found blood spattered all over the townhouse and the badly decomposed bodies of a family of mexican immigrants inside. The landlord had gone to the location and opened the townhouse with her key because the tenants had failed to contact her regarding the rent. Police say it appears to be a case of murder-suicide and that an infant apparently died from neglect and starvation after the deaths of the parents.

The bodies of 27 year old Emilio Sandoval, a 23 year old woman Maricruz Victorino-Gomez and the couples 6 month old child Hugo Sandoval had been in the condo for more than a week. It appears that the elder Sandoval shot Victorino-Gomez with a small handgun and then shot himself. Police say Hugo Sandoval was found in a child swing that had been facing the bodies of his parents. They believe the infant died from starvation sometime after the death of the parents.

The mexicans had only lived in the condo for about a month, having moved from Mexico to Canton, GA late last year.

Controlled Media article related to this story:
Police ID Victims Of Murder-Suicide

Monday, April 2, 2007

A Half Assed Stand For Southern Heritage

Athens, GA
I have mixed feelings about this "opinion" piece from the University Of Georgia's Red&, but I'm going to blog it here anyway. The writer does raise several interesting points.

This is an opinion piece in response to a cartoon featured in the University's newspaper last week. The cartoon was in response to recent talk of the state legislature's proposal of a Confederate History Month. The cartoon depicted a White man standing in front of a swastika with a coffee mug reading "I'd rather be fishing".

Southern pride not a racist agenda

Apparently I'm supposed to be ashamed of who I am. At least that's the impression I got from The Red & Black Opinions page last Tuesday, March 20.

If you read the paper that day, you might recall that a few opinion writers and a cartoonist chose to respond to a bill in the Georgia Senate proposing the creation of a Confederate History Month. However, instead of just stating their opposition to the bill, they decided to degrade Southern heritage.

I am not offended by people making fun of Southerners since it can be funny, but that day's "Our Take" and the daily cartoon compared my whole family to Nazis.

I support equal civil rights for all people no matter their race, religion or sexual orientation, but I also have nothing but Southern blood running through my veins. My ancestors, dating to before the Civil War, have all lived in a few adjacent counties in South Georgia.

I could care less about the Confederate History Month legislation since there are more important issues to act on. However, calling all of my ancestors dishonorable for being confederates - most were poor and none that I know of owned any slaves - and suggesting they should be sent to "the dustbin of history" is inflammatory to people like myself.

Using the editorial board's logic, we should send all history that involves slave-owning civilizations to the dustbin. On the bright side, that would make history class pretty easy considering Greeks, Romans, Russians, Arabs, Africans, Asians and Americans have all been slave-owning peoples. What if we just condemned everyone and studied only the past 140 years?

Yet, the most offensive item of last Tuesday's paper was the cartoon because it insults today's Southerners.

In the image, a man is standing in front of a swastika and holding a mug that says "I'd rather be fishing." I know there are some racist fishermen somewhere out there, but most of them are not hateful Nazis.

What a lot of people don't seem to understand is we Southerners have a unique culture just like other minority groups. Many of us like to fish, shoot guns, farm, tell romantic stories of the past and party in hay fields to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alabama.

History is important for our culture. We inherited several of our traditions from our Confederate ancestors, but one thing we did not inherit is slavery. We are not threatening to bring back segregation and slavery or to secede again. So, why does anyone care if we choose to celebrate our history the way we want?

I'm proud to have a permanent farmer's tan, speak with a drawl and I love my ancestors.

Everyone does not have to understand my way of life for it to be justified. Those who dislike my culture might like to know that if I ever have kids, they'll be raised just like me.

Insisting we suppress our heritage will only make Southerners more determined to preserve it.

Thanks, Red & Black.

Original here:
Southern Pride Not Racist Agenda