Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lawyer Arrested In Connection With Attempted Jail Break

Douglasville, GA
Authorities in Douglas County say that they found an inmate in possession of a saw blade, which had been smuggled into the jail by an attorney. It is believed that the inmate intended to use the blade to hold guards hostage during a planned jail break.

William Paul Keenan, a White 52 year old lawyer from Albany, Ga was arrested on Wednesday after deputies discovered the blade during a routine search of the inmate. Dareon Varner, a negro from Atlanta who has been held at the facility since November, charged with robbing a Douglasville Hampton Inn at gunpoint, is believed to have obtained the 18 inch pruning saw blade from Keenan during an attorney/client meeting at the jail.

Police say that the blade has a serrated edge but was not strong enough to have been used to cut bars, and confirm that Varner, 20, intended to use it as a weapon against guards in order to escape confinement at the Douglas County Jail.

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