Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Local City Battles Gang Terrorism

Snellville, GA
Police in one metro Atlanta city are considering a new proposal to hold landlords accountable for criminal activity and street terrorism perpetrated by tenants. The issue will be discussed further at a City Council meeting in early April.

Gang activity and violence have been increasing in Gwinnett County due to high volumes of negroes and illegal aliens flooding into the area. County officials have indicated that they are considering putting such an ordinance in place county wide. Slumlords in Snellville and across the County are opposed to the ordinance.

Snellville city officials are considering passing a measure that would in effect make landlords responsible for the gang activity of their tenants.

“We had a situation in the city where a street-level gang terrorized a Snellville neighborhood,” said Police Chief Roy Whitehead.

According to the chief, these individuals committed such acts as burglary, breaking and entering, and statutory rape. Under the new ordinance, the landlord of the property in which the alleged gang members resided would be responsible for evicting the offenders.

According to the police chief, Snellville’s proposed gang and terrorism ordinance would put landlords on notice to do their due diligence when considering renting their property.

“This is a significant action. We want to tell people that that kind of activity is not welcome here,” Whitehead said. Activities and indications of gang activity would have to be present in order for an eviction to take place, such as gang colors and symbols, the presence of stolen property and “tagging.”

Some real estate professionals have questioned the legality of evicting tenants based on alleged illegal activity. Such an ordinance is not on the books in any other Gwinnett city, but according to Whitehead, Gwinnett officials are already considering taking similar measures.

“Fulton County has used a similar ordinance to go after pornography,” said the police chief.

“This is a proactive measure by us to warn people off and let people know that we won’t tolerate this stuff,” said Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer.

The Snellville City Council did not take any action on the matter Monday night. The issue will be heard in a scheduled public hearing on April 9.

Original Controlled Media article here:
City Mulls Putting Landlords On Notice For Gang Activity

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