Sunday, September 21, 2008

Online Petition: Jail For Hospital Employee Who Stole From Dead/Dying

Atlanta, GA
In May of 2008, scumbag "social worker" Tacuma Jawara was arrested after police learned he had stolen jewelry from the bodies of deceased patients at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital.

Since his arrest in the case involving wedding rings stolen from the late Katherine Armstrong, a wife and mother of two small children who was killed in a tragic automobile accident in April, at least two more families have come forward with allegations that Jawara had stolen from members of their families while they were patients at the hospital. Aside from the theft of Mrs. Armstrong's jewelry, Jawara has been arrested on additional charges of stealing a wedding ring from another man and stealing money orders from the purse of another female patient.

It has recently been brought to our attention that the courts are failing the public in this matter, as they often do. There is a high possibility that this scumbag will be turned back out on the streets.

We request that our readers review and sign the following online petition.

One of my dearest friends was killed in a horrific auto accident on April 30th. A Loomis (armored) truck stalled out of gas in the center lane of a busy Atlanta interstate and my friend hit it. The driver of the truck has been charged with vehicular homicide and my friend has been cleared of any fault in the accident. She leaves behind a husband and two young children, ages 1.5 and 4 (at the time of the accident).

To make matters worse, her one of a kind wedding and engagement rings were stolen from her body at the hospital where she was airlifted following the accident. It was determined that the man assigned to log victim's personal items and to tend to the victim's family is the person who stole (and pawned) her rings.

Fortunately, her rings were recovered from an Atlanta-area pawn shop and the hospital employee was charged with felony theft by taking. It has since been discovered that he stole from another victim and he has been charged with a second count of theft.

The DA has consolidated the cases, so the most this man can serve is ten years for both counts. If the DA had prosecuted the cases separately, the scum who stole her rings could have gotten ten years for each count. Unfortunately, the DA and the judge in this case are pretty jail-averse...very unfortunate as this man is so worthy of being locked up for a long time. The DA offered this man 4-6 months (yes, MONTHS) in jail, but fortunately Alan (Katherine's husband) and another victim of Jawara, named Ron Goyette were able to compel the judge to throw the plea deal out and set a court date.
Read and sign the complete petition at the follwing link:

Jail For Jawara Petition

Editor's Note: This petition is in no way connected to the Vanquishing Georgia website and was apparently started by friends and family members of the late Mrs. Katherine Armstrong. While we realize that this is a highly volatile subject, we ask our readers who do opt to sign the petition to avoid inflamatory statements and keep the respect of Mrs. Armstrong's family in mind when you post your comments. However, as always, feel free to speak your mind here in our comments section on Vanquishing Georgia. Thanks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Prices Soar Across Metro Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
Fuel prices in metro Atlanta skyrocketed to over $5 per gallon in some areas Friday afternoon as wholesalers and retailers anticipated potential damage to refineries in the Gulf region from the approaching hurricane.

One Ingles Gas Express store in Lawrenceville was charging as much as $5.25 cents per gallon on Friday. That price later dropped to $4.51 per gallon, then dropped again to $4.35, which was still nearly $1.00 higher than yesterday's average price per gallon in the Atlanta area.

A spokesperson for Ingles said the dramatic rise in price was related to the company's purchase of five tankers of gasoline on Thursday at an inflated rate, and that the company was passing that cost along to it's customers.