Thursday, March 1, 2007

"Barbie Bandits" Had Drug Habit And Jungle Fever

Marietta, GA
Cobb County police have arrested four people in connection with a robbery at a Bank of America branch inside a grocery store in Acworth. During the holdup the girls, dubbed the Barbie Bandits, wore dark sunglasses, chatted and laughed as they handed a teller a note demanding money and waited for the cash a little after noon on Tuesday. The girls left the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. They were originally thought to have been as young as sixteen years old.

Today, Cobb County police chased two White females fitting the descriptions of the bandits and a negro male into nearby Douglas County where the three were pulled over by Douglas County police and turned over to Cobb County.

Police say they have charged Ashley Miller (pictured left) and Heather Johnston, both 19, and negro bank teller Benny Herman Allen III, 22, with felony theft and marijuana possession. Also arrested was the negro driver, Michael Chastang, whom the girls were riding with when captured. Chastang, 27, was charged with felony theft and drug trafficking. Police suspect that Chastang is the trio's drug dealer.

"All of them conspired to steal the money," Cobb police officer Wayne Delk said. Because the bank teller was an accomplice in the crime, the girls will not be charged with bank robbery.

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