Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Immigrant Practicing Illegal Dentistry In Georgia

Johns Creek, GA
WSB-TV reports that a Colombian woman, living in Georgia under a visa, is under investigation by local police and Homeland Security with practicing dentistry without a license in her home in Johns Creek, Georgia.

Several similar incidents of immigrants practicing dentistry from residential homes have been reported over the past year in various areas of the state.

Local officials and qualified dental professionals urge patients of the illegal dentists to be tested for various diseases. "They probably want to go to a medical doctor now and be tested for hepatitis, AIDS," said dentist Alan Parnes.

Homeland Security and Johns Creek police are investigating an alleged illegal dental office operating inside a home.

Claudinette Varon-Castro is facing multiple charges for allegedly operating an illegal dentist office inside a home on Ogeechee Drive.

Officials said Varon-Castro had much of the needed equipment to do the job but she didn’t have a dentistry license.

"It did not look like a business operation from the outside," said neighbor Sharon Ferrar.

"We believe there's illegal dental work going on," said Capt. Brian Weaver with the Johns Creek Police Department.

The first floor of her home in a quiet Johns Creek neighborhood is where Varon-Castro practiced her skills, according to investigators. Authorities told Channel 2 her patients were usually immigrants who may not have understood how dangerous her dental practice could be.

Ferrar, said she understands the risks because her father is a licensed dentist in another state.

"I don't know how safe it is to come in and have X-rays and dental procedures out of somebody's home," said Ferrar.

Channel 2 attempted to talk with Varon-Castro, a native of Colombia, but was unsuccessful. Investigators said she had hundreds of prescription pills and other medicines inside her home as well. Homeland Security is also looking in to the case.

"(We don't know) whether the tools are being thouroughly sanitized or cleaned like they should be and whether or not (patients) have been exposed to radiation when you have the X-ray machine. That's real, real scary," said Weaver.

Varon-Castro, who is in the United States on a visa, is out on bond. She faces several charges including practicing dentistry without a license.

Negro Arrested In Violent Home Invasion

Decatur, GA
A suspect in a violent home invasion which occurred in Decatur last month was arrested by DeKalb police during a traffic stop on Tuesday.

Police say a 26 year old negro, Khari Troutman was one of at least three negroes who attacked a Decatur family on June 11, 2008, as they pulled into the driveway of their home in the Laruelgate subdivision off Lavista Road. Troutman is charged with armed robbery and kidnapping in relation to the incident.

The negroes forced Suzanne Ledet and her children inside the home at gunpoint, then tied up Mrs. Ledet, her husband, Striling, and the children, pistol whipped them and demanded money. The woman was able to escape and run for help as the attackers tried to force the husband to give them money.

After learning of Troutman's arrest on Tuesday, Mr. Ledet told local news reporters, "A feeling of somewhat relief, that at least one more thug, one less violent criminal...but there's still a lot more out there,"

"If my wife had not heroically rescued us, we would be dead. There's no doubt in my mind we would have been killed," said Ledet.

The two other negroes remain at large.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

White Media Growing By Leaps And Bounds

Just a few short years ago a group of dedicated activists at the Vanguard News Network picked up microphones and began broadcasting live streaming pro-White audio worldwide across the internet in an effort to reclaim the media.

Today many of your favorite VNN Radio personalities can be found at the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.

VOR broadcasts live streaming pro-White audio Monday through Friday nights from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. EST, featuring veteran VNN broadcasters such as Bud White, Mishko Novosel, Dietrich, James Hawthorne and Mark Faust. VOR also features shows by The Patriot Dames and nightly broadcasts by Peter Schaenk and Mark Krieger.

Tune in nightly at Voice of Reason for the latest news and views from a White perspective.

Peter Schaenk: Mon - Friday 7pm - 9 pm EST

Marc Krieger: Mon - Friday 11pm - 1 am EST

Monday: James Hawthorne 9pm - 11pm EST

Tuesday: Bud White 9pm - 11pm EST

Wednesday: This Week In Organized Jewry 9pm - 11pm EST

Thursday: The Patriot Dames 9pm - 11pm EST

Friday: Bud White 9pm - 11pm EST

Sunday: Weekly Rebroadcast

Don't miss it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paki Strangles Own Daughter For Disgracing Family

Jonesboro, GA
A 54 year old Pakistani man residing in Clayton County was arrested on Sunday in connection with the strangulation death of his daughter.

Chaudhry Rashad is in the Clayton County Jail charged with murdering 25 year old Sandela Kanwal at the family's Clayton County home following an argument over her plans to divorce her husband.

Police say Rashad said he killed his daughter as a "matter of honor". The woman's husband, from an "arranged" marriage, resides in Illinois and the couple is reported not to have seen one another for months.

A Clayton County man was behind bars Sunday, accused of killing his own daughter. Police said the father was angry because he felt his daughter was disgracing the family.

Investigators said 54-year-old Chaudhry Rashad was so outraged at his daughter, Sandela Kanwal, and her plans for divorce that he killed her after a heated argument at the family's home. Investigators said Rashad confessed to strangling the 25-year-old woman.

Controlled media article and video here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Obama Campaign Says "No We Don't" To Georgia Senate Hopeful Vernon Jones

A recent mail flier sent out statewide by Vernon Jones has resulted in attempts by the Obama Campaign to distance itself from the Dekalb County CEO and potential Georgia Democratic Senate candidate.

Late last week Amy Brundage, spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, issued a statement saying, "The Obama campaign was not involved with the use of Sen. Obama's picture in this mailer, and despite what this mailer inaccurately suggests, Sen. Obama will not endorse a candidate in the U.S. Senate primary in Georgia."

Jones, who voted at least twice for Republican George W. Bush, was immediately called out by his Democratic opponents who say it is a last ditch effort by Jones to drape himself in the Barack Obama "aura".

Candidate Rand Knight called the mailer "A gross abuse and misuse of Barack Obama's wonderful success in Georgia".

Jones claims the flier is intended to express his support for Obama, rather than the other way around, and adds that his opponents have been announcing their support for Obama for months.

Just days after last Thursday's statement distancing itself from Jones, the Obama campaign announced that the Senator will be visiting Georgia on Tuesday for a town hall meeting at McEachern High School in Powder Springs.

Tickets for the town hall meeting are available to the public, but must be purchased in advance. The Obama campaign said the Senator's Georgia visit is part of an effort to win over states that President Bush won in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Campaign officials say that during the next week, Obama will "focus on strengthening the economic security of families feeling the strain of the faltering economy."

Holiday Road Death Predictions

Atlanta, GA
Georgia public safety officials predict 23 people will die on Georgia roads over the July Fourth holiday weekend.

They estimate that the long weekend will bring 2,315 crashes on Georgia roads and 1,094 injuries.

The annual predictions are made by crash analysts at the Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Department of Transportation. They cover the period that begins at 6 p.m. Thursday and ends at midnight Sunday.

State officials are warning holiday travelers not to drink and drive. Motorists should expect to run into random sobriety checkpoints and concentrated police patrols around the state.

Nebraska Fugitive Arrested In Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
A 24 year old shooting suspect from Omaha, Nebraska was arrested in an Atlanta suburb over the holiday weekend in connecting with the shooting of a Nebraska woman last month.

Jamal Abram was apprehended on charges of attempted murder and will be extradited back to Nebraska.

The charge stems from the shooting of a former girlfriend of Abram's cousin, whom Abram suspected may have had some connection to the cousin's suicide last year.

Omaha police believe Abram shot a 24-year-old woman several times in the back on June 23. The woman is still recovering from her injuries.

Augusta Holiday Celebration Turns Deadly

Augusta, GA
A Richmond County woman has been charged with one count of Involuntary Manslaughter and one count of Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime following what police term an "accidental shooting" during a July 4th holiday celebration in Augusta.

23 year old Katato Casandra Utley was arrested when police responded to a call at 1727 Hicks Street and found that 42 year old Karen Franklin, who was visiting her boyfriends family, had been shot in the chest after Utley, the boyfriend's sister, had picked up a .25 caliber pistol and fired into the air in celebration of the 4th of July.

Police reports indicate the Utley fired the gun until it was empty and then reloaded the gun, firing a shot that struck Franklin in the chest. Franklin was rushed to a local hospital where she later died. The incident is still under investigation and Utley is being held in the Richmond County Jail.

Illegal Immigrants Deported In High Numbers From Georgia And Carolinas

More than 14,000 illegal immigrants have been deported from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in the past eight months, according to federal immigration officials."The fact of the matter is that our officers deport people every day. Deportations are up every year. I attribute that to increased activities by the agency and increased resources," Barbara Gonzalez, a regional spokeswoman for the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency, told The Greenville News.

Federal agents find out about illegal immigrants in several different ways. Some jails screen all their prisoners and notify agents when they find someone in the country illegally. Others are caught in workplace raids or by fugitive teams.Federal officials said 14,118 illegal immigrants in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia have been deported by the federal government since Oct. 1.

Anyone serving time for a crime must complete their sentence before immigration agents start to deal with them. When immigrants lose their appeals to stay in the U.S., they are sent back on flights home to their native country, sometimes with an escort if their are certain risk factors, Gonzalez said. Each flight costs taxpayers between $600 and $700 depending on the destination, Gonzalez said.
Complete controlled media article here.