Monday, March 19, 2007

71 Year Old Woman Brutally Beaten By Negro During Home Invasion

Winder, GA
Friday evening a negro male walked into a home in Winder, Ga and demanded money from Betty Stancil. The vicious negro then proceeded to beat and kick the 71 year old grandmother until she fell motionless to the floor. Mrs. Stancil's glasses were broken, her teeth were knocked out, her vocal cords were crushed and several bones in her face were fractured. She is currently recovering from her injuries at an area hospital while police search for the attacker.

The article below says police have "no idea" who the negro was, but it has been disclosed that Mrs. Stancil's son, Steve was acquainted with the negro and that police now know who he is. Once again, Whites suffer the consequences of embracing diversity.

A local family is shocked and angry after an intruder attacked their 71-year-old loved one in her home. Police say they have no idea who could have beaten Betty Stancil, leaving her with several broken bones in her face and crushed vocal cords.

“You couldn’t really see her nose, it was swollen so bad. Both her eyes, one was completely swollen shut, the other you could see a bit of her eye,” explained Angel Stancil.

Angel described what her grandmother, Betty Stancil, looked like after the 71-year-old was savagely beaten at her home in Winder.

“It was unbelievable. She didn’t look like my grandmother, she looked like a completely different person,” said Angel.

Police say sometime between 7 and 7:30 p.m. Friday, an African-American man walked into Betty’s home through an unlocked back door. He was looking for her adult son who lives with her, but he wasn’t there. Family members say the man began demanding cash, which Betty didn’t have. Then the man began bashing her with his fist. She tried to defend herself.

“And when she decided to quit fighting back, he would shake her to see if she was still alive and whenever, I guess, he thought she was dead, he left and she got up and made it to the neighbors’ and called 911,” said Angel.

The family suspects drugs may be involved but they want a definitive answer.

Neighbors say the area is riddled with drugs, but that Betty is a kind woman who keeps to herself.

Police said it is a reminder to everyone to keep their doors and windows locked.
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Elderly Woman Beaten In Her Home

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