Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dekalb CEO Vernon Jones Taken Down A Notch?

Atlanta, GA
The State Senate has passed a bill aimed at restructuring Dekalb County's current executive and legislative branches which will effectively eliminate county CEO Vernon Jones' influence and control over the county's Board of Commissioners.

During his reign as CEO Jones, a black supremacist, has repeatedly abused the powers of his office. In the fall of 2006 Jones had county police officers physically remove a White commissioner from a Board meeting after illegally removing the commissioner from his position on the Board as part of Jones' "darker administration" he intends to enforce within the county government.

In 2005 a White woman filed charges in Rockdale County stating that she had been raped by Jones at his home, which is on the county line with property in both Dekalb and Rockdale counties. The investigation was jeopardized when then Dekalb County police chief Louis Graham notified Jones that he was being investigated. After information was leaked that Graham had informed Jones of the investigation, Graham claimed he had done nothing wrong. He later resigned after audio tapes confirmed that he had actively practiced anti-White discrimination within the police department.

If Senate Bill 52 passes the House, it could very well mean the end of Jones' racist anti-White tyranny and could possibly put him on the road out of office and into prison.


A bill that would alter the balance of power in DeKalb County government has progressed halfway through the Georgia Legislature and is awaiting its fate in the House.

Senate Bill 52 would restructure relations between the county's legislative and executive branches, removing the chief executive officer from the policy-making process. CEO Vernon Jones and his predecessors have presided over the meetings of the seven-member County Commission, guiding the discussion and breaking ties. Perhaps most importantly, the CEOs also have set the agenda for the meetings, choosing which legislation comes up for a vote.

Under SB 52, which passed the Senate in a unanimous vote last week, the commission would set its own agenda and run its own meetings. Jones opposes the bill, but the County Commission has not taken an official stance. At a recent meeting of the DeKalb County legislative delegation, Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (D-Atlanta) wondered whether to support it, given the commission's silence.

DeKalb's commissioners have postponed a vote on the county's legislative agenda, in part, several commissioners say, because they haven't had time to review all the proposals. But a majority said SB 52 could improve the county. When asked about the bill, Commissioners Elaine Boyer, Kathie Gannon and Jeff Rader offered unqualified endorsements. And Commssioner Burrell Ellis said he likes the idea but wants amendments that detail how commissioners would transition from the current process.

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