Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Walker County Gives Sheriffs Military Firepower

Walker County, GA
In answer to the ever increasing number of violent crimes across Georgia, the Walker County Sheriff's Department is outfitting it's officers with military style AR-15 assault rifles in hopes of providing the ability to defuse potentially dangerous situations, which occur even in rural areas like Walker County, from a greater distance.

Officers have gone through a three day training school to ensure proper handling of the highly powerful weapons.

Article from the Walker County Messenger:
The Walker County Sheriff’s Department is equipping some of its deputies and detectives with more firepower, and last week the department held training sessions to teach them the basics of operating the new guns.

The new guns are Bush Master M-4 AR-15s assault rifles, the same guns used by soldiers overseas.

“Violent offenders bring weaponry to the table that our guys haven’t been able to match,” Sgt. Pat Cook said. “It is all a lot of forward-thinking on the sheriff’s part. He is doing everything he can do to make the sheriff’s office as cutting-edge and as modern as a law enforcement agency possibly can be,” Cook said. “He is doing everything he can do to make sure these guys have got the tools they need to protect themselves and to protect the public.”

The rifle school was held each day from Wednesday, Aug. 13, through Friday, Aug. 15, at the firing range at Walker State Prison. This was the fourth class held by the department. “It is no secret to the world that it is getting to be a rougher place,” Cook said, “and there is no doubts about that. Our deputies are encountering situations now where they basically have been outgunned. …. Looking ahead at that, starting last year, Sheriff Steve Wilson allocated money to purchase patrol rifles.”

According to Cook, due to the ongoing foreign wars, ammunition is difficult to come by and, when ordered, can take several months to arrive.

“What we are doing is giving them increased firepower, giving them something that gives them the ability to have standoff distance,” Cook said. “What we are giving them now is the ability to stand off 100 to 200 to 300 meters, if they had to, and engage a hostile threat with this rifle they will be carrying in the cars.

Article and video here.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Well , let's hope they deal with the real criminals and not necessarily those soon to be defined as
" dissenters ". If the former is the case , power to 'em .

Don't know about shortage of .223 ammo and components , but anyone else noticed the lack of .308 ?

Thanks for the plug boss - lotta good here I need to catch up on reading . Yall take care .