Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Atlanta Welcomes British Historian David Irving

Atlanta, GA
British historian and author David Irving will be speaking in Atlanta on Friday, August 8th 2008. The visit is part of a book tour of the United States on which Mr. Irving embarked in May and which will end on September 5th. The tour has brought him to various cities across the nation.

Mr. Irving is the author of numerous historical works including The Destruction of Dresden (1963), Hitler's War (1977), Uprising! (1981), Churchill's War (1987), and Goebbels — Mastermind of the Third Reich (1996). Aside from being a renowned author and historian, within recent years Mr. Irving, age 70, also became a political prisoner after being arrested in Austria in November of 2005 for the fictitious thought crime of "holocaust denial". These charges sprang from a speech Mr. Irving had given in Austria nineteen years earlier, in 1989. He was sentenced to 3 years in an Austrian prison and was later released and expelled from the zionist controlled country.

Local jews in the Atlanta area, including Emory University's holocaust indoctrination expert Deborah Lipstadt, have demanded that citizens ignore Mr. Irving's visit. "He's always been denying the holocaust and he's never stopped denying the holocaust," Lipstadt said. "He's really a man who's been declared not just by the British courts but the Austrian courts to be an unrepentant holocaust denier, a racist, and an anti-semite."

For security purposes, the exact location of Mr. Irving's Atlanta speech and book signing has not yet been released to the public. Those interested in attending this event can call 305-923-6779 or visit the Focal Point Publications website for location and ticket information.

Following his stop in Atlanta Mr. Irving will be visiting cities in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado, Wisconsin and Illinois before returning to England in September where he will launch the English edition of his prison memoirs, Banged Up.


Michael Santomauro said...

Extermination Policy?

Is someone a "Holocaust denier" if he says that there was no order by Hitler to exterminate Europe's Jews? There was a time when the answer would have been yes. Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg, for example, wrote in the 1961 edition of his study, The Destruction of the European Jews, that there were two Hitler orders for the destruction of Europe's Jews: the first given in the spring of 1941, and the second shortly thereafter. But Hilberg removed mention of any such order from the revised, three-volume edition of his book published in 1985. [6] As Holocaust historian Christopher Browning has noted:

"In the new edition, all references in the text to a Hitler decision or Hitler order for the `Final Solution" have been systematically excised. Buried at the bottom of a single footnote stands the solitary reference: `Chronology and circumstances point to a Hitler decision before the summer ended." In the new edition, decisions were not made and orders were not given."

Orion said...

You'll love this lecture. We heard him in St. Louis and it was excellent! I picked up about $200.00 worth of books and pitched in $100.00 for expenses. This may be Mr. Irving's last tour of the States due to harrassement by the ZOG on both sides of the Atlantic.

Don't miss this lecture!


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I know I've got figures somewhere in my paperwork ... wasn't there only like 3.5 million jews in all of western Europe at that time
( or the German controlled portions )?

To quote Eustace Mullins in his pamphlet - The Secret Holocaust ( with addendum by Wm. S. LeGrande ) -

From the outset , the Myth of the Holocaust has had its problems with the " numbers game ". It has not been easy to sell the story of the
" extermination " of an entire people , when that people is more numerous , more visible , more prosperous , and more powerful in more countries , than at any time during its history .

It is even more difficult to sell the story of " survivors of death camps ", who survived not one year , but stays of 4 to 6 years in " death camps " , in which , according to the testimony of the
" survivors " , everyone was being killed every day ;
survival not merely in one " death camp " , but tours of 5 or 6 camps over a period of 4 - 6 years . The casualty rate would be higher on a bus tour of the Bronx . ( end quote )

He makes mention how Robert Mitchum and
( an earlier ) Ronald Reagan receive a vicious scathing by reporters when they dare question the 6 millions authenticity .