Sunday, August 24, 2008

DeKalb Police Can't Protect Merchants From Gangs Of Feral Negroes

Tucker, GA
Saturday night police apprehended only one of five negroes who entered DeKalb County's Northlake Mall around 8p.m. and smashed the glass in a jewelry display case at the Charms Of Gold kiosk and fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of jewelry. Police recovered some of the stolen jewelry. The four other suspects remain at large.

As a result of the growing number of smash and grab thefts and robberies in the county many DeKalb businesses are closing. At least eight jewelry stores and kiosks at DeKalb's Northlake Mall closed their doors on Sunday and announced that they will remain closed indefinitely due rising black crime in the area and an overall lack of ability by local law enforcement to protect them from roving bands of feral negroes.

Amin Lalani, owner of Charms Of Gold, said they have been hit by smash and grab robbers three times this month and have lost over $30,000 in merchandise. "They have the hammer in hand. They're wearing gloves. They smash and grab whatever thay can", Lalani told reporters.

Shawn Patel says his jewelry store, located inside Northlake Mall, has also been the target of thieves within the past few months. "We're closing tomorrow. All the stores. All the jewelry stores. We're sick of it. We can't afford anymore. DeKalb County cannot offer us protection. We don't have any choice," said Patel.

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