Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Billy The Heretic & Mitzvahs And Purims

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The Jews have a lexicon which includes many terms having to do with their ideo-political actions. This lexicon grows out of Pharisaical Judaism and finds it's way, via the rabbis and their synagogues, into the political movements, Communist and Zionist, which modern Jews have brought into the world. It reflects the Torah, the law of Moses, and the peculiar interpretations given to the Mosaic tradition by the rabbis and scholars in the Talmud, the Mischnah and the Gemara, which are themselves commentaries on the Torah. In this regard it is interesting to note that the Mischnah is a direct commentary on the Torah, and the Gemara a commentary on the Mischnah; and as the Jews have seized the legal systems in the English-speaking nations, one will also notice that the courts comment on and interpret the basic constitutions while the law schools comment on the decisions of the courts.

The term Purim will be recognized as emanating from the Book of Esther. Probably during the reign of King Xerxes of Persia, it is said that the king put away his Aryan Persian wife and took Esther, a Jewess, as his queen. The main opposition to this liaison was the Persian prime minister, Haman, who saw in the rise of Esther and her uncle, Mordecai, a threat to the security of the Persian state. Haman had a plan to thwart the Jewish powergrab and the influence Esther had over the king by divulging the treason and corruption that old Mordecai was carrying on right under the king's nose, of course using the protection of his niece, Queen Esther. Remember that it is a Jewish strategy to undermine the states of Aryans through marriages of kings, princes and noblemen to Jewesses. No one can be quite certain of the number of such marriages, but it has become fairly plain that the European nobility are riddled with them. The noble houses of Europe are no longer in the vanguard of protection of Aryan values; Hitler was aware of this fact, which explains why he did not trust the nobility to act in the interest of the German Reich above all else.

Getting wind of Haman's plan to unseat the Jews from their positions of control, Esther and Mordecai denounced the loyal prime minister to the king, Esther even charging that Haman had made a pass at her, an act of treason wherein royalty was involved. The king ordered Haman hanged on the spot, and the Jews were commissioned to wipe out all of Haman's kinsmen and liegemen, every last friend and supporter throughout Persia, some 75,000 persons. Now this may be an allegorical story, but the Jews hold to it notwithstanding. They call it Purim, the plural form of the Hebrew Pur, which connotes a lot, the making of the decision to destroy the power of the Jews over Persia. Haman's Pur was turned against him and his - 75,000 times: Purim. This act of Jewish revenge is known as a Mitzvah, a good deed in the sight of God. Only in Judaism is such an act of bloody revenge sanctioned and revered for 2500 years: Judaism/Phariseeism - the religion of hateful revenge.

There have been many Purims and Mitzvahs since the time of Haman. Nuremberg was a Purim/Mitzvah; that is what Julius Streicher called it from the scaffold in 1946. There were eleven Mitzvahs done with a hangman's rope that day, and with each opening of the trap door another Haman went to his death as appointed by the Talmud. When the Jews arranged for the Marxist sneak John Patsalos to murder Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, the Jews in America threw up their hands in gleeful thanks for this Mitzvah. The leader of the Aryans was dead, and they could not be saddled with direct responsibility for his murder. The Jews were not even officially mentioned, though the ADL expressed it's delight.

Judaism is a tribal, nationalistic religion of hate. What nonsense to claim that the Aryans are haters, when all too many of our kin have fallen for a whining churchianity that places the Jews first over all men. Kosher-Christians will kill for the sake of the Jews; they are killing by proxy each time they ratify arms aid to Israel. They hate anyone who opposes the Jews. Kosher-Christians take the Book of Esther literally, conceiving of a time when we, the Hamans of the Western world must die due to our "sins" against the self-chosen race of Jews. Jews, however, do not love the Kosher-Christians, though this does not matter to the goy slaves; a dog loves his master at all costs. There is today a phenomenon called "Old Testament Christianity", a schizophrenic cult that totally ignores the caveats and condemnations of rabbinical, Pharisaical Judaism, hearkening to the interpretations of the Old Testament fostered by politically-motivated Jews who know exactly what they are up to and have had eminent successes in watering down traditional, anti-Talmudic Christianity.

"Billy The Heretic" cartoon courtesy of Numenorean and JKildare, see more here.
"Mitzvahs And Purims" article from The Talon.


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The best comic strip in many a decade - since the heyday of "Lil' Abner" or "Pogo". And unlike that truly racist strip "the coondocks" - eh,"boondocks", the WHITE strip always gets its facts RIGHT, none of the claims made by any black strip or comedy of preaching/screeching hatred of Whitey ( Which is always 100 times more racist than it ever was against blacks - stepin' fetchit/beulah/miss prissy my ass ) is EVER accurate.

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Good sir, your comic makes Sonichu look like literature.

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How about vanquish this horrible comic?