Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Defeated: Voters Bring Vernon Jones' U.S. Senate Bid To Screeching Halt

Decatur, GA
The people of Georgia have spoken. Vernon Jones will not be representing the state of Georgia in the United States Senate. The former senate hopeful and current Chief Executive Officer of crime and corruption ridden DeKalb County was defeated in Tuesday's runoff election for the Democratic Party's U.S. Senate nomination.

Former law maker Jim Martin defeated Jones by a reported vote of 60 percent to Jones' 40 percent of the vote, with 90 percent of the precincts reporting. In a statement issued following his defeat on Tuesday night, Jones blamed the loss on low voter turnout and said he wanted to meet with Martin before making his decision as to whether he would endorse the Democratic nominee. Jones' endorsement not withstanding, Jim Martin will face Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss in the upcoming November election.

Jones' feeble grab at the nomination was apparently damaged by a failed attempt to attach his campaign to Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama by way of a campaign flier, recently distributed throughout the state picturing Obama and Jones and featuring the Obama campaign slogan "Yes We Can". Upon learning of the distribution of the flier the Obama campaign quickly issued statements distancing themselves from the Jones campaign.

Jones, who claims to be a Democrat despite voting twice for zionist Republican George W. Bush, has served as CEO of DeKalb County for eight crime and corruption filled years is also leaving that position at the end of his current term. The only question remaining is who is going to clean up the mess Jones has made in DeKalb County after he's gone.

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Ann said...

Vermin's reign of terror in DeKalb is almost over! Hooray!!! Maybe now he'll move to California like Cynthia McKinney and we will all breathe easier.