Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Registers Car In Fulton County, Sends Innocent Woman To Hospital In Interstate Racing Crash

Union City, GA
Alvaro Gallardo was arrested Tuesday night in connection with a crash on Interstate 85 during the morning rush hour which sent an innocent woman to the hospital with serious injuries.

The crash occurred when Gallardo was driving at race speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour and weaving in and out of traffic on the busy highway near Union City, apparently racing with someone driving a White Dodge Neon, as commuters attempted to travel to work on Tuesday morning. Police say that stickers on Gallardo's car indicate that the vehicle had been modified for drag racing. Police are still searching for the Dodge Neon and it's driver.

Gallardo smashed into the rear of a Ford Explorer, driven by 61 year old Linda Wiglesworth, causing the Explorer to flip and roll and then fled the scene before police arrived. Mrs. Wiglesworth was taken to Atlanta Medical Center to be treated for serious spinal injuries and was reported to be in fair condition. Her husband, Reed Wiglesworth, who was driving in another car and witnessed the incident said that another motorist pulled his car in front of the upsidedown Explorer in order to prevent anyone else from running into it.

"It's just reckless disregard for anyone's safety to be operating motor vehicles at that speed on an interstate anywhere in metro Atlanta," said Union City Police Officer George Louth.

Gallardo, 24, has admitted to owning and driving the vehicle which struck the Explorer. He was somehow able to register the car and acquire tags in Fulton County, despite the fact that he is in the country illegally, which he also admitted. He faces several charges including at least one felony.

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