Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Prices Soar Across Metro Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
Fuel prices in metro Atlanta skyrocketed to over $5 per gallon in some areas Friday afternoon as wholesalers and retailers anticipated potential damage to refineries in the Gulf region from the approaching hurricane.

One Ingles Gas Express store in Lawrenceville was charging as much as $5.25 cents per gallon on Friday. That price later dropped to $4.51 per gallon, then dropped again to $4.35, which was still nearly $1.00 higher than yesterday's average price per gallon in the Atlanta area.

A spokesperson for Ingles said the dramatic rise in price was related to the company's purchase of five tankers of gasoline on Thursday at an inflated rate, and that the company was passing that cost along to it's customers.

1 comment:

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

It's gone crazy , hasn't it ?! I don't know how folks are making it these days .
But they know you gotta buy it . Didn't realize it was that high there though .

Believe it's about $3.80 around here but changes so quickly .
Thankfully I got an old Toyota PU and can work 'n putt around town for about $20. a week .

( miss that ol hot rod '67 Chevy truck though ! )