Monday, May 14, 2007

Semitic Invasion: Atlanta Among Fastest Growing Jewish Communities

There's a popular theory that jews are a small percentage of the population in areas outside the cities of New York and Miami. Many claim that they comprise only 2% of the entire population. Any reasonable person who is familiar with the American media system, the motion picture and television industries, and print media would conclude that this figure is either grossly under estimated or that every jew in America is in one of those industries. Obviously this is not the case. There are far many more than people are willing to believe.

The following article, in their own words, indicates that Atlanta is the fastest growing jewish community, with the jewish population rising by nearly 5,000 jews per year. It has some very interesting statistics on jewish populations in several cities.

Jews were in Las Vegas when it emerged as the gambling capital of the country, and Jews have been coming to Las Vegas ever since.

Many of Las Vegas' most important developers have been Jewish, as is the current mayor. However, despite previous "guesses" by various community leaders, there are not 100,000 Jews in Las Vegas. The Jewish community numbers 89,000 persons today, living in 42,000 Jewish households -- but of those 89,000 persons, only 67,500 are actually Jewish.

This makes Las Vegas the 23rd largest Jewish community in the country, a new survey that I recently released has found.

Nor is Las Vegas the fastest-growing Jewish community in the United States. From 1995 to 2005, the number of Jews in Las Vegas increased by 21 percent (from 55,600 to 67,500), or about 1,200 per year. At least six other large Jewish communities have been growing considerably faster: Atlanta (4,800 per year); West Palm Beach, Fla. (4,700); San Francisco (4,500); Washington (3,100); South Palm Beach, Fla. (2,400); and Phoenix (2,000).

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