Thursday, May 17, 2007

Arrest Made In Dekalb County Murder And Dismemberment

Lithonia, GA
Dekalb Police have arrested 37 year old Renato Adel and charged him with murder in connection with a partially burnt and dismembered body found by the road in a Dekalb County neighborhood early this week.

On Tuesday morning a group of school children were walking to the bus stop in the Marbut Commons subdivision when they found a scorched torso, arms and legs beside the road along with a red gas can. The children alerted parents who upon arriving at the scene found the body out in open view of passersby with no attempt made to hide it.

The head was missing but police later identified the body as that of Mesfin Asfaw, 53, the roommate of the accused suspect.

Photos and further info pending.

Controlled Media Coverage Of The Murder Here (with comment section):
WLXT.COM Channel 19 South Carolina

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Anonymous said...

Mesfin Asfaw, the victim of this crime, and I worked together at The Home Depot. I am in such a fog about all of this. Mesfin is a beautiful and caring man. He was a HARD WORKER and He never missed a day of work. When he went missing last week, rumors started to fly. All I can say is that this WORLD has become SICK and TWISTED. Renato was his roommate. Druggie? Probably. A crime like THIS is premeditated! It is thought out and strategically planned. It is making me sick to even type about it now. I am in such disbelief. If only I could turn back time and tell Mesfin to get out. Rest In Peace.