Friday, May 18, 2007

Exposing The Cover Up: Channon Christian - Chris Newsom Memorial Rally, May 26 2007 In Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, TN
So the silence begins to break. Back in January of this year, the media didn't make a lot of fuss about the young White Knoxville couple who were brutally murdered, sacrificed on the alter of diversity, at the hands of a pack of savages.

While knowing all along what had happened to Channon Christian and Chris Newsom over the course of a horribly gruesome several days, Nancy Grace felt obliged to tell us endlessly of the ridiculous saga of the notorious whore, Anna Nicole Smith. Although he knew that two young people had been raped, tortured and murdered in Knoxville, the pompous ass Bill O'Reilly never skipped a beat in spewing his usual Bush zionist brown nosing rhetoric, yet completely ignored the Knoxville story.

Neil Cavuto has not told us that Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were abducted during a car jacking, tortured, raped and murdered by Eric Boyd, George Thomas, Lemarcus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins and Vanessa Coleman.

Paula Zahn has not informed us that these savages raped 23 year old Chris Newsom while they forced his 21 year old girlfriend, Channon Christian to watch.

Glenn Beck hasn't mentioned that they cut off Chris Newsom's penis, shot him, wrapped him in a blanket and set his body on fire by the railroad tracks.

Anderson Cooper never opened his mouth about how they held Channon Christian for several days raping her repeatedly, pouring drain cleaner down her throat, and severing her breasts before chopping her up and discarding her butchered remains in trash bags.

So I guess you are wondering just where the "silence has broken". Thanks to independent media resources and bloggers the Channon Christian-Chris Newsom story did make it to the eyes of the public, despite the efforts by the controlled media to censor coverage of these vicious murders.

Michelle Malkin drew much attention earlier this week with a video at the HotAir website. Radio stations in cities like Baltimore, Maryland have discussed the case for several days. And country singer Charlie Daniels spoke out on the SoapBox section of his fansite. It seems however discussion of the up coming rally in Knoxville was quickly squelched by fascist zionist moderators on the Charlie Daniels forum.

Regardless of the efforts of the controlled main stream media to keep these hush crimes under wraps, despite the frantic bannings doled out by egomaniac moderators, the public is finding out about the heinous crimes perpetrated by these savages in Knoxville and the public is realizing it could happen to them next.

There will be a Channon Christian - Chris Newsom Memorial Rally held in Knoxville, Tennessee next Saturday May 26 at 3pm. The exact location will be announced soon. The rally is being sponsored by the Vanguard News Network and more information can be found at WWW.GOVNN.COM.


Anonymous said...

I am a black person but this story is horrific . These people are animals . UNBELIEVABLE !!
They should fry them .. all of them .

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the huge media BLACKout on this story. I have explained it to many people and I always get the same reply.


Well duh, the media is biased. Everyone knows that. Don't use it as your only source of information.

Fred said...

I am a black male and this is sickening. I can not believe this is happening in the 21st century. It's sad that the more the human race progress the more it regress.
I'm going to put this out on my blogs to let every race know that evil is real no matter what race it comes from.

Marti said...

Channon's breats were not "severed" and she was not "chopped up." Get your facts right!!!