Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Young White Father Murdered In The Street By Savage Negro

Atlanta, GA
A young Gwinnett County father lost his life Tuesday night in what is currently being described as a "road rage" incident. Tony Newberry, 23, was driving his wife and 4 year old daughter to Vine City. The family had intended to stay over with friends in order to keep an appointment to have the daughters tonsils removed on Wednesday at an area hospital. The Newberrys had an incident with tail-gating Roto-Rooter company van on Interstate 85 and Tony Newberry had tapped his brakes to encourage the driver behind him to stop following too closely.

Newberry left the freeway and stopped his vehicle near the corner of Northside Drive and North Avenue. The van pulled up behind Newberry's vehicle and the driver exited the van and confronted Newberry who had gotten out of his SUV to protect his family when he saw the other driver exit the van. During the confrontation the driver of the Roto-Rooter van stabbed Newberry to death in front of his wife and child.

Police are searching for a heavy set negro male driving a white Roto-Rooter van in connection with the horrible murder of this young White father. The Roto-Rooter company has declined to give any indication as to who this negro may be. Family members of the victim said that the negro was intoxicated and that he left several small liquor bottles in the street.

Road Rage Stabbing Leaves Man Dead


Yankee James said...

GREAT BLOG! Chock full of TRUTH that you'll never get from the MSM!

Black Monitor said...

Road rage my azz. Hate crime and of course the news and the LE will never pursue it, esp in ApeLand.

SUBFIGHTER63 said...

Why this white man was not carrying a firearm is beyond me.
People, WAKE THE F**K UP!!!
Buy a gun, learn to use it, carry it, learn unarmed self defense, and stop being a bunch of weak pussies!
I want to start reading articles about nigger robbers being killed by their intended victims.
Now, LET'S DO IT!!

Philipp said...

I wish police catch the man and van, cause people are too worry that such incidents may repeat.
I think it will be a little bit complicated to find it, because there are so many white vans in Newberry.