Monday, May 7, 2007

VNN Broadcasting Presents Free Talk Live Monday

Join Stan Sikorski and Yankee Jim tonight as they fill in for Geoff Beck on VNN Broadcasting's Free Talk Live.

Music at 7pm EST
Live Talk at 9pm EST

Tonight's topics will include "the upcoming Imus lawsuit, satanic jews, golliwogs, the "hate bill"," KIKES", and many other issues of importance to those of us who truly appreciate FREE SPEECH!"

Be sure to tune in at Vanguard News Network. Also tonight, for the first time ever Free Talk Live Monday will be simulcast at the Turner Radio Network. It's great to see White people working together.


Anonymous said...

There is a popular nation-wide radio show called Free Talk Live. Come up with your own name!

Signal said...

Not my show, but I am sure they are now aware of this situation. The entire idea behind this project is that we are "taking back" the media.