Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fugitive Dekalb County Cop Captured In Belize

Punta Gorda, Belize
Following a lead given to the US Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service, police arrested fugitive Dekalb County Sheriffs Deputy Derrick Yancey in a bar in Punta Gorda, Belize.

Yancey is accused of murdering his 44 year old wife Linda Yancey (who was also a Dekalb police officer) and Marcial Cax Puluc, a 20 year old immigrant "day laborer", inside the Yancey's Stone Mountain, Georgia home in August of 2008. Yancey claimed that the day laborer had shot his wife and then he shot the day laborer. Yancey was arrested after ballistics tests confirmed that he had killed both victims.

On August 28, 2008 Dekalb Superior Court Judge Anne Workman ordered that the accused double murderer was to be released on bond and placed under "house arrest". On April 4, 2009, Yancey cut the electronic monitoring device off his ankle and fled from his mother's Clayton county home, where he had been living under "house arrest".

Yancey remained on the run for five months and was profiled on America's Most Wanted. He's also included in the show's "Cops On The Wrong Side Of The Law" feature.

Police in Belize say Yancey was taken into custody without incident in a bar in southern Belize on September 19, 2009.

"We had his photograph in our possession and upon identifying ourselves, he just handed over himself. There was no resistance in his arrest," said Inspector Andres Makin of the Punta Gorda Police Station.

Yancey will be extradited back to Georgia to face prosecution.

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