Saturday, October 3, 2009

Georgia Tech Employee Arrested On Felony Charges Of Forgery And Identity Theft

Atlanta, GA
An investigation by Georgia Tech's office of internal auditing and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has led to the arrest of a Jonesboro woman on charges that she stole the identity of an Illinois resident and used that information to steal over $10,000 from the school.

Merideth Durrah, 38, who worked as a program coordinator in the College of Sciences, faces felony charges related to the incident in which GBI officials says Durrah forged a letter from a professor at Georgia Tech offering the woman a job, then stole at east two payroll checks in the amount of $5,100 each from the school issued in the woman's name.

The investigation began after the Illinois woman was denied employment in her home state following a background check with showed she had not paid taxes on the funds from Georgia Tech.

"This woman had access to privileged information with respect to the person in Illinois," said John Bankhead, GBI spokesman. "How she got access to that information is still under investigation."

Durrah has been terminated from her position at the school and faces felony charges of forgery and theft by taking. Officials say other charges may be filed.

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