Tuesday, July 8, 2008

White Media Growing By Leaps And Bounds

Just a few short years ago a group of dedicated activists at the Vanguard News Network picked up microphones and began broadcasting live streaming pro-White audio worldwide across the internet in an effort to reclaim the media.

Today many of your favorite VNN Radio personalities can be found at the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.

VOR broadcasts live streaming pro-White audio Monday through Friday nights from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. EST, featuring veteran VNN broadcasters such as Bud White, Mishko Novosel, Dietrich, James Hawthorne and Mark Faust. VOR also features shows by The Patriot Dames and nightly broadcasts by Peter Schaenk and Mark Krieger.

Tune in nightly at Voice of Reason for the latest news and views from a White perspective.

Peter Schaenk: Mon - Friday 7pm - 9 pm EST

Marc Krieger: Mon - Friday 11pm - 1 am EST

Monday: James Hawthorne 9pm - 11pm EST

Tuesday: Bud White 9pm - 11pm EST

Wednesday: This Week In Organized Jewry 9pm - 11pm EST

Thursday: The Patriot Dames 9pm - 11pm EST

Friday: Bud White 9pm - 11pm EST

Sunday: Weekly Rebroadcast

Don't miss it.

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