Saturday, July 5, 2008

Illegal Immigrants Deported In High Numbers From Georgia And Carolinas

More than 14,000 illegal immigrants have been deported from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in the past eight months, according to federal immigration officials."The fact of the matter is that our officers deport people every day. Deportations are up every year. I attribute that to increased activities by the agency and increased resources," Barbara Gonzalez, a regional spokeswoman for the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency, told The Greenville News.

Federal agents find out about illegal immigrants in several different ways. Some jails screen all their prisoners and notify agents when they find someone in the country illegally. Others are caught in workplace raids or by fugitive teams.Federal officials said 14,118 illegal immigrants in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia have been deported by the federal government since Oct. 1.

Anyone serving time for a crime must complete their sentence before immigration agents start to deal with them. When immigrants lose their appeals to stay in the U.S., they are sent back on flights home to their native country, sometimes with an escort if their are certain risk factors, Gonzalez said. Each flight costs taxpayers between $600 and $700 depending on the destination, Gonzalez said.
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Anonymous said...

$600 or $700 to return a criminal to their home country sounds like a bargain to me, especially if it means no more free housing (think Obama's aunt in public housing in Chicago), no more fee health care at emergency rooms, no more cheating legal resident children out of an education (costs 4X more to educate a non-english speaking child than one that does speak english, and holds the whole class back when several in the class can't keep up because of a language barrier), WIC and various other forms of welfare.

Just think how many COULD be deported if EVERY single law enforcement agency verified the immigration status of all of their detainees! Only a handful of agencies in GA have Memorandums of Understanding with Homeland Security to particpate in the 287g program, yet the state law says every person arrested for DUI must have their immigration status checked. There are 159 counties in GA, and about a dozen have the required MOU to comply with the law and protect the legal residents of the state.

When are the citizens of GA going to take back their state and demand their elected officials comply with the law? Although Georgia was a leader in passing illegal immigration law a couple of years ago, it is extremely weak - there are NO penalties for failing to comply. Since GA passed its law, AZ, MS, SC & others have passed tougher bills that have withstood court challenges. Georgians need to demand our legislature ammend our law by adding penalties (like revocation of business licenses for those hiring illegals - AZ, or fellony charges for illegals who get a job when they are here illegally - MS).

When Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals (which actually turned out to be 20 million by the time their family members were included and took 20 years to complete), the citizens of the United States were promised we would NEVER grant amnesty again. A "Pathway to Citizenship" is the same thing as amnesty. A "Pathway to Citizenship" allows people that showed no regard for our laws from the moment they entered our country to benefit from their blatant disregard and rewards them with permission to stay here and enjoy the benefits this country offers while millions of people who are obeying our laws and waiting in their home countries do not receive the benefit of living here while they wait for their case to be decided.

Once this slave labor pool no longer has to hide in the shadows, do you really think they will continue to work for 1/2 the wage of a citizen??? Why should they??? They won't be illegal anymore. They will demand the same treatment as legitimate citizens and businesses will lose their cheap labor.

ernesto said...

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We on the other hand have been on this continent for 20,000+ years since our last journey and so will we move again when the 25k cycle begins again.

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When we the Mexica, Nican Tlaca, Hopi, Navajo, Lakota and the Mana hatta to the east and many more that you exterminated who have aided you in building what you have colonized are gone to the place where are roots are well grounded, your economy in GA, and the Carolinas, it will crumble and the dollar will seest to exist in less than 25 years.

You make a bad name for those among you that have become civilized. Greedy, selfish and a bad neighbor you are, also a hypocrite for the one whom you claim to be your lord & master (Jesus, from the Hebrew 'Essus' & 'Issa' from the Arabic) was the opposite of you. Whom was also a Blackman not a white 1 for the Hebrews where black Asiatic Semitic people

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