Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Negro Arrested In Violent Home Invasion

Decatur, GA
A suspect in a violent home invasion which occurred in Decatur last month was arrested by DeKalb police during a traffic stop on Tuesday.

Police say a 26 year old negro, Khari Troutman was one of at least three negroes who attacked a Decatur family on June 11, 2008, as they pulled into the driveway of their home in the Laruelgate subdivision off Lavista Road. Troutman is charged with armed robbery and kidnapping in relation to the incident.

The negroes forced Suzanne Ledet and her children inside the home at gunpoint, then tied up Mrs. Ledet, her husband, Striling, and the children, pistol whipped them and demanded money. The woman was able to escape and run for help as the attackers tried to force the husband to give them money.

After learning of Troutman's arrest on Tuesday, Mr. Ledet told local news reporters, "A feeling of somewhat relief, that at least one more thug, one less violent criminal...but there's still a lot more out there,"

"If my wife had not heroically rescued us, we would be dead. There's no doubt in my mind we would have been killed," said Ledet.

The two other negroes remain at large.

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Anonymous said...

Blacks are like large children: often cheerful but highly unpredictable and inherently resorting to violence when low-IQ, abstract reasoning fails (which is often).

Disingenuous white liberals know this but argue for equality from the safety of their racially homogeneous communities -- purely a form of maintaining moral superiority. Those who see the reality on the ground avoid the black man at all costs.