Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Immigrant Practicing Illegal Dentistry In Georgia

Johns Creek, GA
WSB-TV reports that a Colombian woman, living in Georgia under a visa, is under investigation by local police and Homeland Security with practicing dentistry without a license in her home in Johns Creek, Georgia.

Several similar incidents of immigrants practicing dentistry from residential homes have been reported over the past year in various areas of the state.

Local officials and qualified dental professionals urge patients of the illegal dentists to be tested for various diseases. "They probably want to go to a medical doctor now and be tested for hepatitis, AIDS," said dentist Alan Parnes.

Homeland Security and Johns Creek police are investigating an alleged illegal dental office operating inside a home.

Claudinette Varon-Castro is facing multiple charges for allegedly operating an illegal dentist office inside a home on Ogeechee Drive.

Officials said Varon-Castro had much of the needed equipment to do the job but she didn’t have a dentistry license.

"It did not look like a business operation from the outside," said neighbor Sharon Ferrar.

"We believe there's illegal dental work going on," said Capt. Brian Weaver with the Johns Creek Police Department.

The first floor of her home in a quiet Johns Creek neighborhood is where Varon-Castro practiced her skills, according to investigators. Authorities told Channel 2 her patients were usually immigrants who may not have understood how dangerous her dental practice could be.

Ferrar, said she understands the risks because her father is a licensed dentist in another state.

"I don't know how safe it is to come in and have X-rays and dental procedures out of somebody's home," said Ferrar.

Channel 2 attempted to talk with Varon-Castro, a native of Colombia, but was unsuccessful. Investigators said she had hundreds of prescription pills and other medicines inside her home as well. Homeland Security is also looking in to the case.

"(We don't know) whether the tools are being thouroughly sanitized or cleaned like they should be and whether or not (patients) have been exposed to radiation when you have the X-ray machine. That's real, real scary," said Weaver.

Varon-Castro, who is in the United States on a visa, is out on bond. She faces several charges including practicing dentistry without a license.

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