Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insurance Rates Increase As Vehicle Theft Flourishes In High Minority Areas

Macon, GA
The Macon Telegraph reports that a study released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau earlier this week shows a rise in motor vehicle thefts in several minority ravaged areas of Georgia. The study is based on statistics for vehicle thefts per 100,000 people for each of the designated areas.

Ranking first in the state was Columbus, GA with 1,911 of the per capita thefts in 2006. Second is the Macon Metropolitan area with 1,230 of the total 1,323 thefts in 2006 occurring within the negro infested city of Macon. In third place is the Atlanta metro area, over-run with negroes, illegal immigrants, asians and assorted other undesirables, with 27,913 motor vehicle thefts last year. On a national scale, these three areas rank 23rd, 34th and 35th respectively.

David Colemans, executive director of the Georgia Insurance Information Service, said the rankings were developed by comparing a city's population to the number of vehicle thefts reported to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Georgia Insurance Information Service is a trade association representing property and casualty insurance companies, Colemans said.

He said the study is significant not only as a tool to help consumers understand how easy it is to become a victim of car theft, but also to inform consumers about trends that could affect insurance rates.

"Rates are based upon experiences of insurers over a period of time," Colemans said.

Original controlled media article here:
Macon MSA Second In State Auto Thefts

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