Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Atlanta Hates White People, But That's OK

Atlanta, GA
White police officers and citizens in the city of Atlanta are outraged by the blatant anti-White message of hate disguised as artwork being displayed at City Hall East and the refusal of city officials to remove it from the City Hall.

The "artwork", titled "Formula For Hatred", which was concocted by a hispanic man, Alvaro Allivar, consists of a group of 32 American flags with what appears to be jumbled letters imposed across the flags. The letters actually read, "Politically it's OK to hate the White man". Another hidden message in the piece asks, "Is it OK for me to hate if I've been a victim?"

"It's made to make you think about politically, is it okay to hate the white man -- whatever your skin color is," said the racist latino "artist".

"The message itself is a hate message" said union police rep Ken Allen.

Two White police officers have filed formal complaints about the disturbing message being displayed in their place of employment. City officials have refused to remove the anti-White propaganda from the government building. The matter may go as far as the EEOC, as it violates federal law regarding discrimination in the workplace.

Racist latino "artist", Alvaro Allivar

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else has a problem with this. I'm stick of the reverse racism. Atlanta has large populations of black, white, Hispanic and Asian people, but white people (and Asians)are constantly harassed, not represented in the local government administrations, and blamed for a lot of problems they didn't cause. If a white artist had done the same thing, all hell would break loose. Racism is racism, and I'm sick of it.


Anonymous said...

i feel that it is time to express myself by there example. . so soon you can look on google earth , to read the words " it is ok th hate the black man. in america"

Rob De Witt said...

Elizabeth, you got it at the last. Racism is racism; there's nothing "reverse" about it.

The age of 0bama is sending this country into a swamp of racial hatred the KKK could never have dreamed of.

Anonymous said...

I'm more worried about the fact that police officers are complaining to have it taken down. It's art. But it's true, especially concerning white conservatives.

Case in point: The Democrat National Committee is doing a contest for a billboard on Rush Limbaugh and his comment about wanting Obama's policies to fail to be put up in Palm Beach. Do ya think the DNC wants to create hate towards Libmbaugh and conservatives in general?