Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mexican Family Values Rear Ugly Head In Georgia

Canton, GA
At about 11:30am last Sunday morning a landlord in Canton entered a Brookside Court rental condo and found blood spattered all over the townhouse and the badly decomposed bodies of a family of mexican immigrants inside. The landlord had gone to the location and opened the townhouse with her key because the tenants had failed to contact her regarding the rent. Police say it appears to be a case of murder-suicide and that an infant apparently died from neglect and starvation after the deaths of the parents.

The bodies of 27 year old Emilio Sandoval, a 23 year old woman Maricruz Victorino-Gomez and the couples 6 month old child Hugo Sandoval had been in the condo for more than a week. It appears that the elder Sandoval shot Victorino-Gomez with a small handgun and then shot himself. Police say Hugo Sandoval was found in a child swing that had been facing the bodies of his parents. They believe the infant died from starvation sometime after the death of the parents.

The mexicans had only lived in the condo for about a month, having moved from Mexico to Canton, GA late last year.

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Three good mescans. An excellent start!!!