Friday, February 27, 2009

DeKalb County Police Chief Terrell Bolton Fired

Decatur, GA
In a bold move towards a better community in DeKalb, the county's new CEO Burrell Ellis has fired DeKalb police chief Terrell Bolton. The announcement came on Tuesday, following much controversy surrounding Bolton's conduct as police chief.

A pre-termination notice sent to Bolton last week gave him a deadline of 10:00 a.m. Monday to respond to the charges and explain why he shouldn't be fired. Bolton did send a letter to Ellis on Monday morning, stating numerous reason he should be allowed to remain in his position, however Ellis apparently was not swayed.

Among Bolton's major claims is that he can't be fired because he is on medical leave. Bill McKenney, Bolton's lawyer claims the firing may violate federal law. McKenney says the leave falls under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and cautioned Ellis not to take any action while the chief is on leave.

Bolton is accused of various discrepancies, crimes and misconduct including allegations that he has taken over 5 months of "comp" time during his two years on the job despite police department policies against "comp" time for executives and that he personal kept luxury vehicles seized in drug raids.

This could be a step in the right direction for Ellis in cleaning up the government of DeKalb County. Former CEO Vernon Jones left quite a mess in the county, including a judicial system full of unscrupulous ashkenazis who rob citizens under color of law on a daily basis, amounting to basically nothing more than an organized crime ring similar to the former judicial system of Cook County, Illinois.

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Wharold said...

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Bolton's claim of wrongful termination against the City of Dallas, Texas.

He was such a loser in Dallas, we could never figure out why DeKalb hired him in the first place.

Our former Dallas mayor Laura Miller famously called Bolton an "idiot" at a press conference.

Apparently the Supreme Court agrees with her.