Friday, February 27, 2009

Police Evacuate Local Electronics Store After Shoplifter Claims To Have A Gun

Smyrna, GA
At least three stores in the Promenade shopping center were evacuated Thursday night after Smyrna police responded to a report of a shoplifter with a weapon at the Best Buy store on Cobb Parkway.

Otis Hutcherson, a 51 year old negro from Atlanta attempted to shoplift eight DVDs from the electronics retailer and claimed to have a gun to have a gun when confronted by store staff.

Police evacuated the store and two adjoining businesses after Hutherson went into the Best Buy office and fled into the ceiling of the building. “It would’ve been unsafe for an officer to just pop his head up through one of the panels not knowing whether the suspect had a gun,” said Michael Smith, spokesman for the Smyrna Police Department.

After a 90 minute stand off, Hutcherson came down from the ceiling and was taken into custody. Police later determined that the suspect was not armed. Huctherson was arrested on charges of shoplifing and may face other charges.

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