Tuesday, May 27, 2008

False Flag Attack On Obama Graffiti In Little Five Points

Atlanta, Ga.
Someone perpetrated an obvious false flag attack on a graffiti mural depicting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama in Atlanta's Little Five Points community, just days after the mural was completed.

Local merchants and their employees cried out disingenuous, anguished calls of "racism" after it was discovered that someone had painted "X's" over the eyes and a malformed, misshapen "swastika" on Obama's forehead in the mural in a transparent attempt to make it appear that the vandalism was done by "racists".

A mural of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was defaced in Little Five Points on Monday.

Phil Sims, the manager of a Little Five Points music store, said he was sickened because of all the racial vulgarities on the mural. Sims said the area had a mural of Martin Luther King for years that was never defaced.

"The eyes were blacked out and there was a swastika on his forehead," said artist Cameron Wilthshire. Wilthshire and another artist created the mural.Business owners in the area said they were disgusted by the defacing.
Controlled media story continued here.

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Anonymous said...

What a disgrace. HATERS should really be ashamed of themselves for always showing their lack of education and pride. They fail to realize that OBAMA's Mama is White, and they may just be related to him. Why don't they stand behind his MOTHER who is as white as snow and his family is a combination of ALL AMERICANS.