Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get Yourself Deprogrammed

Join longtime pro-White activist and World Church of the Creator member, Craig Cobb at Podblanc.com as he broadcasts live streaming video from Tallinn, Estonia, nightly at 10 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday.

Last year Cobb and the team at Podblanc launched their ground breaking pro-White video hosting website in answer to massive discrimination against pro-White material and posters at the popular Youtube website, whose staff frequently delete material which does not meet Youtube's strict zionist policies. The project has been an overwhelming success attracting video contributors from all around the globe.

In yet another unprecedented move, the Podblanc team has recently launched the nightly live video broadcasts of Deprogram, the first show of it's kind, which is hosted by Cobb. The broadcasts offers viewers an alternative to zionist controlled media outlets which dominate television, satellite and cable networks.

During each Deprogram broadcast Cobb discusses and gives unique insights to news and current events effecting the White community and culture. Many of the subjects are drawn from recent videos posted by the site's rapidly growing list of contributors. The show also offers a live chat room, open to registered Podblanc users, allowing viewers to chat with each other and interact with Cobb during the live broadcasts.

The show airs nightly at the following times and can be accessed at the link below. Get yourself Deprogrammed.

Show times:

U.S. Edition: Monday - Friday: 10pm Philadelphia (and Atlanta), 9pm Austin, 7pm Seattle, 5am Tallinn, 6am Moscow, 4am Rome, 3am London, 2pm Sydney.

European Edition: Monday - Friday: 10pm St. Petersburg, 9pm Sofia, 8pm Vienna, 7pm Glasgow, 2pm Pittsburgh (and Atlanta), 1pm Omaha, 11am Portland, 5am Brisbane.

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