Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cynthia McKinney Attacked By Zionist Jews

Vicious jews from the Israeli navy have attacked a yacht attempting to bring aid to Palestinian victims of the recent Israeli genocide assaults against the Palestinian people in the zionist occupied Gaza Strip.

Cynthia McKinney, former congresswoman from Georgia and recent Green Party presidential candidate, along with members of the California based Free Gaza Movement were aboard the yacht, "Dignity", when the vessel was rammed by an Israeli navy boat in efforts to halt delivery of much needed medical supplies which the group was delivering to the victims of the oppressive zionists occupiers of the Palestinian homeland.

"Our boat was rammed three times, twice in the front and once on the side" McKinney told reports on Tuesday, "Our mission was a peaceful one. Our mission was thwarted by the aggressiveness of the Israeli military".

The 66 foot yacht sustained substantial damage to the bridge, hull and engine room. Paul Larudee, one of the co-founders of the Free Gaza group says that the boat will be repaired.

Jonathan Peled, jew spokesman from the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC defended the violent actions perpetrated by the jews aboard the Israeli navy craft. "We see all these ships as pure propaganda, they have journalists on them and all kinds of other people who are basically coming to provoke." Peled said.

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