Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cobb County Commissioner Accused Of Bouncing Checks To VooDoo Priestess

Marietta, GA
A voodoo priestess in South Carolina claims that Cobb County Commissioner Annette Kesting sought her help in defeating political opponent, and paid for the services with bad checks.

George Ann Mills of Blythewood, SC says that Kesting approached her in August and paid for a "voodoo curse" to be placed on the Commissioner's Democratic opponent, Woody Thompson.

Mills claims Kesting asked if the voodoo priestess "saw cancer" in Thompson, and upon being told that Thompson looked healthy, Mills says Kesting asked "Is there anything you can do about this … give him cancer, or make him have an accident or something?"

Mills declined to cause illness or death to the unsuspecting Thompson, but says she accepted $3000.00 in the form of two checks from Kesting to "make trouble" for Thompson. The checks bounced and Mills says she later received two money orders from Kesting's husband for $1000.00 each.

“I kept a paper trail of everything,” Mills said. “I don’t think this would have ever come out if I had been paid.”

Kesting has denied the allegations, saying she knows nothing of the money orders, had not visited a witch doctor and doesn't know anyone in South Carolina. She also says that her cell phone provider has removed charges from her account for calls placed to her phone by Mills.

Woody Thompson defeated Kesting in an August run off election and will face Republican Barbara Hickey on Nov. 4 for the southwest Cobb County Commission seat.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Daggone - if only she hadn't of bounced them checks , that ol mojo mighta worked !

Despite the thin veneer of civilization , they're not all that far removed from the bush .