Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gwinnett County Sheriff Can't Enforce Immigration Laws

Lawrenceville, GA
Despite pleas from the County Commission, Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway declares he doen't have the manpower to combat the flood of illegals into the growing metro-Atlanta county.


The Gwinnett County Commission chairman wants the sheriff's department to begin enforcing federal immigration laws.

Chairman Charles Bannister is calling for Sheriff Butch Conway to sign up for a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement program that trains deputies to start deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants booked into the jail.

In 2007, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren became the first sheriff in Georgia to initiate the ICE program. A spokeswoman for ICE, Pat Reilly, said Whitfield County in north Georgia will begin training deputies this month.

Conway said he doesn't have the resources to designate the five or six deputies needed for the task. He said Wednesday his department had 60 deputy vacancies last year. Conway said commissioners denied a request for more than 40 additional deputies in 2008 because of budget constraints...

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Truthful said...

Atlanta commissioners merely need to pass a law criminalizing the employment of illegals and fining the persons that hire them huge sums of money that could be redirected to the sheriffs office to finance the deputies needed to enforce the law.

Can't never could. Perhaps "Kant" doesn't want to enforce the law.

lucky said...

really, oklahoma just passed that law and a big portion of the state CLEARED OUT.. the schools went from classes of 50 to 25. what does that say.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that most illegals aren't directly employed by a company. The "company" may be lawn care or construction and one legal person may run the company and then pay cash to the worker bees. Check out the Gwinnett County jail population. You could get a bunch just waiting on them to bail out of jail.

Anonymous said...

Instead of complaining so much about those who sacrificed so much to help make America great, you should be pressuring lawmakers to do their job in the best interest of the people instead of giving away jobs and critical technology to China, whom by the way are certainly pleased with the current state in which our nation stands.
By the way; immigrants spend most of their money in our economy.
wake up and offer solutions that are real, stop complaining!!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone thinks that "Mexicans" are the only immigrants here. And they are wrong. I am american, and my husband of 7 years is mexican. He came here illigally. And still is. We have two children together, and if it werent for him, all others here would be paying to give my kids what they need. He works hard for two very well known companies. He brings home what I as an educated woman couldnt.
The only reason why the jails have so many of them is because the police target them. And for what? Because they are illigal. That is wrong. People always think a man should stay in their kids life. Well what happens if the father of my two kids gets deported. ONE: my kids left without their beloved father, TWO: wellfare and yes that is what it will come to. I will aply and make sure that evryone else in the state of Georgia help take care of my kids. And Im ok with that. So why dont people thinks about the inocent children who didnt ask to be born here in this screwed up country called the USA and open their minds to the future!