Saturday, February 24, 2007

Immigrant Forgery Ring Busted In Carroll County

Carrollton, GA
Three people were arrested in what investigators say was a large illegal identification forgery ring in Roopville, a small town in southwest Carroll County. Police say that Christine Garcia, a 42 year old White woman has admitted to manufacturing hundreds of fake ID's in her home and selling them to illegal immigrants.

Carrollton Police Captain Daryl Diamond said that investigators purchased two fake documents for $130 during an undercover buy. Garcia's sister in law, Elisa Garcia and her husband Hugo Castillo were also arrested. It is believed that the second two individuals sought out illegal immigrants needing false documents as customers.

Police found a computer in the home with evidence that Garcia had manufactured and sold hundreds of state ID cards, social security cards and resident alien cards. Christine Garcia is charged with six counts of forgery. Elisa Garcia and Hugo Castillo are illegal immigrants and remain in federal custody and are expected to be deported back to Mexico.

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