Wednesday, February 28, 2007

DNA Test Ordered In "Missing And Murdered Children" Case

Atlanta, GA
DNA test will be conducted on evidence from the 26 year old Atlanta child murder case in an effort to clear convicted killer Wayne Williams. On Monday, Superior Court judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore ruled that hair, carpet fibers, a car seat and clothing worn by the victims would undergo testing conducted, at the court's expense, by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Williams, a negro "music producer" was convicted in 1982 of two of the twenty nine murders of young black children grouped together as "Atlanta's Missing and Murdered Children". Although hair and carpet fibers were key evidence used to convict Williams, his attorney's have requested new testing in hopes of proving his innocence.

Williams and his attorney's maintain that investigators originally covered up evidence of Ku Klux Klan involvement in the murders, a claim which investigators have denied. According to this theory, members of the Klan murdered black children to inflame violence within the black community and start a "race war". At the time of the murders several Klan members, all of whom are now believed to be deceased were investigated in connection with the murders and no charges were ever filed against anyone except Williams.

Though prosecutors agreed to the testing, the state has said it doesn't believe the outcome of the testing will prove Williams was wrongfully convicted.

In 2005, negro racist and at that time Dekalb County police chief Louis Graham reopened several of the cases in hopes of charging White people in these 26 year old crimes. However, before his new investigation was completed it was quickly brought to a close when Graham and several of his key staff members resigned in disgrace after audio tapes surfaced showing Graham as a black supremacist and proving he was using his position as police chief to actively discriminate against Whites.

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