Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Black Community Demands Closing Of Theme Park Due To Black Violence

Marietta, GA
Members of Cobb County's black community, including District 4 Commissioner Annette Kesting and former Atlanta City Councilman Derrick Boazman have issued a statement demanding that Six Flags close it's Austell, GA amusement park due to black violence in the area.

This comes less than a week after a black street gang calling themselves the Get Money Clique attacked three other blacks near a bus stop outside the park's property, severely injuring one of the victims.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported earlier last week that the gang was looking for a White person to attack when they encountered the three black teens and attacked them in lieu of Whites.

Quote From AJC article:

A Cobb police report said that Gerard and Joshua Martin and another teenager, Devin Antonio Carter, all of Marietta, were walking to a CCT bus stop on Tuesday when they passed a group of 10 to 15 young black males. As they got close to the bus stop, the group approached the three boys and "told them they were looking for a white male who had something offensive to them," according to the incident report.

So just when was it exactly that Six Flags or other businesses became responsible for the violent actions of the black community?

Video of the ridiculous demand issued by Kesting:


Black Monitor said...

That's the TNB way of dealing with the negro problem. Work on the effect instead of the cause. Why not just close the whole city of Apelanta due to negro violence?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you people (the facilitators of this site) are so besotted with "the negro" that you could devote this much time and energy to discussions about them. Thin line between love and hate, eh?

Go back to Europe, Neanderthal.


-Black, living in Georgia, and loving it(in spite of it's history).

ANZIO said...

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what a different story spin this would be if it were 16 WHITE PEOPLE who beat up on these poor black victims, ahh bring out the black militant attack dog chorus line: 'RACISM' RACISM' RACISM 'RACISM' yes indee that is all we would hear from the MSM from dawn to dusk concserning the crime....was race a factor...was race a motivation....was racism involved....

notice how this animal pack of savages were looking for WHITE VICTIMS on their prowl. yes makes me wonder if the story would have even made the tv news if the victims had been white, nope, they would have had to have been killed outright for any mention made, and even then we know damn well:


Iranian For Aryans said...

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SUBFIGHTER63 said...

If the victim had been white nobody would give a shit.
F**k those nigger pigs! Let them taste of their own violence. They need to increase the "black on black" murders as a way of culling the herd.

Damnthemnigs said...

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